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Hello, I'm Prenavin Naidoo an ELT teacher from Johannesburg, South Africa and I have been honoured to join the English Wizards community since February 2021.

English Wizards is a community of fellow teachers that have a passion for education and creating opportunities for people from all different places and spheres of influence to collaborate and make a positive difference in the lives of students through English as a Foreign language.

My experience has been life changing, I have met so many incredible people and had the privilege to undergo the power-packed and engaging business internship, which is truly just world-class. The English Wizards team have been super supportive and with community managers that are just super-human at times always ready to help and hold our hands through this new journey navigating life as a teacher in Poland.

One of the most unique parts for me about English Wizards is how detailed and informative they are. They assist teachers every step of the way with a smile! Literally from when you select your package, getting your visas/work permits to getting on the plane, fetching you upon your arrival, making sure you settled in your hostel or helping to arrange your accommodation and even when you start at your first school, there is always some from the team who can give you advice like lesson plan tip and even where to get that essential euro plug- this is not just a B2B teaching Business they are the experts with a heart for growing teachers.

I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to the English Wizards team and they will be happy to provide all the steps you need to begin your new life working in Poland. Regards, Prenavin Naidoo

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