read before you enroll!

Content: 5
Engagement: 5
Support: 5
Platform: 5
Value: 5

This is a legit TEFL course program, BUT it's one of the most expensive out there.
They are quick to respond to your questions, and they will be there to help you out even once you are finished with your course.
I wouldn't personally recommend using enrolling because there are several courses with the same information that costs less.
Some of the course videos are outdated, but other than that, the course itself is legit.
If you are going to sign up for this course, you don't need to buy the textbook they encourage you to purchase.
Ashely, my TEFL advisor was super quick and informative when we called. There were some misunderstandings and conflicts that arose, but International TEFL Academy was quick to resolve this for me.
Also, I may be wrong, but international TEFL might have some sort of agreement with gooverseas (this rating site).

(I rated 5 for all because I felt neutral about the program)

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