Pacific discovery Hawaii western us

Housing: 7
Support: 7
Fun: 9
Value: 8
Safety: 8

The pacific discovery program that I attended was so memorable and could not have been better. It was kind of funny how we originally had to where masks when we were first getting to know each other because after the first 5 days when we started taking our masks off it was the same time that we started to bond. It’s almost as if the masks got taken off after we learned about each other. I actually liked doing the hard conservation work out in Hawaii first. Not just because it got it out of the way, but because it provided a great way to bond. The tours of the beaches, volcanoes, and snorkeling sites, as well as the surf camp provided such fun. Camping every now and then also helped us bond. Hawaii was also a great place to traveled since it has its own culture. The west provided a lot of fun as well. The views seen after completing them provided memorable moments. Arches and canyonlands NPs were much more glorious than expected. Self led week was my favorite part not just because we got to pick what to do, but because Zion, the Grand Canyon, and Durango were all so much fun. I’ll definitely ride a bike at Zion again someday and do the same hike. Not just to get a great view bu to remember this trip. It was cool ending it in the cold snow at park city after starting everything in the heat. The core sessions done provided deep thought and help my mind grow. To everyone who looks at this program I would say go for it you will never forget it

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