Sleezy Company, Not sure if they're actually NON PROFIT

Benefits: 1
Support: 1
Fun: 3
Facilities: 1
Safety: 1

So I paid the fee, I don't wanna repeat how much cause it just reminds me of what I lost. I came late because of Covid restrictions, and they literally didn't give me a single dollar for food, or hotel accommodation as promised. They didn't even recommend me a place to stay.

On top of that, I had to go to the emergency room for tonsilitis and their insurance policy has ignored me for 5 months about my reimbursement. I had an emergency and called the 24/7 emergency hotline (i mean i do pay for it) the representative picked up as if I was a burden. I wasn't even calling at a weird time it was 10am!

I got ripped off. They made me read my documents myself, do everything myself, and when
I emailed them for help, they just said "read the document".

This isn't my first studyabroad program. I've gone abroad with API, Barcelona SAE, and they were absolutely accomodating. They were helpful. Picked up the phone when I had emergencies even at 2am without complaint. One girl from Barcelona SAE helped me by just being my mentor and talking to me when I felt homesick.

I'm giving them a 5 because the people in the program are pretty nice. I'd apply through the ministry, Fullbright, or any other study abroad program.

I'll say one nice thing, but if you have never traveled abroad and want someone to hold your hand, I guess CIEE would be your last choice. There are other great third parties that will actually use your money to help you.

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