Medical Volunteering Trip In Arusha, Tanzania

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Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

"My time in Arusha, Tanzania has been an experience that I did not deserve. If I were to describe my experience in one word, I can say that "amazing" is an understatement. >From the first day, I fell in love with the culture and environment in Arusha. I was warmly welcomed by the Matolo family, Mr. Charles, Abraham and felt at home. I was treated as a member of their family. Originally, I was supposed to volunteer in the summer, however, due to the pandemic, I rescheduled for the holidays instead. That was the best decision I've ever made. The atmosphere during the holidays is very lively, warm, and welcoming. I connected with every individual that I've met--from the house staff to my coworkers, and fellow volunteers at St.Elizabeth Catholic Hospital. At the hospital, I volunteered in the surgical ward and there is no word that suffices to demonstrate my experience. I have observed a copious amount of procedures, but my most favorite was a pediatric, orthopedic broken wrist repair. I have made so many connections with the nurses, physicians, and surgeons at the hospital. The staff there are extremely kind and loving. It's beautiful to see every worker working together as a team--which ultimately is the essence of what medicine is. Lastly, though I only stayed in Arusha, I can tell from the snippet of what I've seen, that Tanzania is a beautiful country. The weekends were one of my most favorite parts of my time in Tanzania. I visited the Tarangire National Park, Kikuletwa Hot Springs, the Maasai Village, and many more. I am more than thankful to the Volunteering Solutions team. Mr. Sahil has been more than helpful in assisting me to prepare for my trip to Tanzania. Thank you so much Volunteering Solutions for making this goal of mine an accomplished reality and acquired blessing. God bless!"

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