Great Experience with Remote Intership!

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I have applied to AIP and looked for a remote internship for a company in Asia. My internship assistant has provided me 3 companies which located in different countries in Asia. The First is located in Singapore, the second is in Malaysia, and lastly is in Thailand. I would say that all companies gave me the different perspectives of my future career path and they are all great! As I am flexible and willing to learn things, I am so opened to all of them. However, the company in Thailand is what I have chosen because this seems to suit my abilities the most. Moreover, with the given direction that they would not only let me have daily tasks as normal employees, they gave me a chance to have my own project! They let me be free on my personal interest that could be applied to their company and they let me tried working on that continually at the same time I worked on my position. I would say that it was so great to be able to experience the real situation in which it could answer all of my curiosities about working in real life after graduation. It does give me a great experience and thoughts when I was working. The skills I have, what should I improve, and what should I do to prepare myself better in every day in order to be a better person for myself and for the company.
At the moment, the internship ended already, but what I have received from that still be beneficial for me such as I know myself better in a way that what I do like to do for work in specific field and what I am really good at it. My supervisor has mentioned the international phrase of “put the right man on the right job” to me, and I think that it is so true and powerful. Because of being put it the right position, it will allow the person to learn correctly in that field and to be professional in what we like is so happy!
Due to the current situation that it might be tough to have an in-person internship in the country and also my preference to have a remote internship so that it came as my plan. Other skills I think that significant at the moment are the skill of using programs for working online and adapting yourself along with the situation. No one can predict what I will happen, but the way that will help us survive is to be able to work even it is in the normal situation.
I would love to say thank you for AIP that provided me lots of opportunities to choose and provided me all important advices. Also, I would really love to thank you the company and especially my supervisor.
He was not only guide me with the work tasks, but also advises when the real situation in workplace. More than that is an amazing description and invitation to visit Thailand!

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