Staff Issues

Growth: 10
Support: 2
Fun: 8
Housing: 5
Safety: 4

My daughter, age 17, was very excited to sail, dive, and experience a co-ed trip at sea for 17 days. She was told it once she got there, it was all girls, no boys, which is fine, but that could have been communicated before she got there and maybe offered another trip? She arrived a day late with another student due to a missed connection. There were no extra beds and were told to sleep on the kitchen floor and didn't sleep well with people walking over them. They were told they could camp on the deck but it was loud, windy and scary. She eventually got a bed but it had bugs... she had bites all over her, head to the bottoms of her feat. She feared it was chicken pox or measles and pleaded with the staff to take her to a doctor and they refused. It wasn't until a panic attack that they asked someone but never took her in. They said it was likely bug bites, but didn't bother to wash or change the sheets. She didn't sleep well for days. Doctor at home said it was bites and could have been dealt with by seeing a doctor for relief and washing sheets/clothes.
Overall, she had a very good time and learned a ton, including to question authority. I think they vetted some poor instructors and misrepresented the trip on the website. She got along with most girls and the trip was not a total loss or disaster, it was just poor leadership and she learned to cope. She's tough.
I would be weary of this organization, but I'm not saying don't go... I don't know how we could have known this, which is why I'm writing this.
Another complaint was that some students were heavy into Jesus and didn't like swearing.
That's fine, but then they allowed girls to do Jesus prayers at dinner? We are all about freedom of choice and religious beliefs, but not pushed on us.
She doesn't regret going, but these are some messed up issues. Just beware.

EDIT: I spoke with the director. He was extremely apologetic and listened to all my issues. Most importantly, he acknowledged and took accountability for the issues. He address my concerns, and looked to improve based on the experience. The core issue was communication, and I do have hopes it will improved based on this.

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