Try a remote internship if you can!

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At first I was hesitant on trying a remote internship because I thought would I gain any experience from it? Would I learn anything new? And I was very wrong! Remote internship is the same as an in-person internship. Especially during this pandemic, I’m glad I found AIP where they provided me a remote internship that I have managed to learn so much more about graphic design and where I still got opportunities to be part of projects that challenged me.

I was glad that AIP found me a remote internship in a company in Australia where I learnt so much more about the industry and types of projects I would do when I get a full time job in my career. Not only this, I could do my internship in the comfort of my own bed! I saved so much money on transport, on flights and accommodation.

Highly recommended! Start your career now with a remote internship with AIP because you won’t regret it!

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