Fascinating and unique program that taught me how to better understand human issues and topics

Housing: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I took a gap year before my first year of undergrad because of Covid. I came across CityGAP and was thrilled because I was hoping to have a semester in a city setting. I don't want to sound like a cliche, but I feel very certain that CityGAP has changed the trajectory of my future in many senses. I felt that the program helped me to become the curious, knowledge-loving, ambitious person I've always known I could be. The program gave me a really special, analytical yet everyday lens to look through as I go through our ever-changing world. And at the same time, the program isn't constant learning in the way that we often think about it. I feel that it developed my passion for learning through the unique way Andy, Tanya, and Truly teach experiential learning, I began to understand how truly fascinating everything around us is. During my semester, we studied the NYC food system, 70s arts movements, and I did a personal project learning about Billie Holiday, protest music, and the Harlem renaissance (all of the links to the final projects are on the CityGAP website). This program is so unique because the students get to choose what we study, and once we do, Andy and Tanya provided us endless support, ideas, and resources to pursue these. With CityGAP, we could learn about pretty much anything, and no matter what we chose, Andy and Tanya had endless resources, fascinating contacts, and creative ideas about how to approach these topics. Andy and Tanya taught me about institutions, artists, people, and ideas that I don't feel like I would've had the same ability to find on my own. Not only is the sheer access to resources incredible, but the way the team teaches us to self-advocate is too. Going into college, I feel like I have a new confidence in my ideas and in asking for help or insight from unfamiliar people. This, to me, has been one of the greatest gifts of the program. Lastly, Andy and Tanya are unlike any other educators or people I have met before. I consider them my teachers, but also my life-long mentors and my friends. The support, encouragement, knowledge, and humor of these two is something I will always cherish and look forward to having for a long time to come. CityGAP, to me, feels perfect for those interested in becoming more informed citizens of today's world; an intellectual wonderland. I can't encourage it enough!!!

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