5 weeks in Nairobi school & rescue center

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

As a 19 year old American, I was looking for an opportunity to make an impact in another country while exploring a new place. Global crossroads was able to provide me with that. I wasn’t sure what to expect upon arriving in Nairobi, all I knew is I would have the chance to help children less fortunate than me, which is what I aimed to do. Global crossroads connected me to the country coordinator for Kenya, Barnabas. Any questions I had prior to coming he was able to answer. When I arrived I was brought to Barnabas’ home where his family warmly welcomed me. I felt very comfortable staying with them and felt secure in the area they live in. They were very accommodating to my needs and wants, making my stay very comfortable. By the end of my five weeks, I felt like I was apart of their family. Barnabas walked me to my project everyday. I had no clue what to expect on my first day in the school. As he brought me through the slum Kibera, where the school is located, I felt very safe. It was hard to see the conditions that the people of Kibera live in, but not once did I ever hear any Kenyan complain. When approaching the school, all I could hear is loud singing and laughing bursting from the classrooms. Although the children were a little hesitant to talk or interact with me on the first day, by the end of the second day they would not leave me alone, in the best way! I felt so welcomed by the Mother of the school and rescue center, along with all of the teachers and staff. Everyday in the school went by very fast since I was busy coloring with the students, teaching lessons, or singing. On the weekends I was able to do a lot of exploring throughout Kenya. The country coordinator, Barnabas, had many suggestions lined up for me that fit my price range and interest. I visited the National museum, the giraffe center, Momba village, and many more places. I also had the opportunity to go on a weekend safari in Massai Mara. Everyone I met in Kenya was so warm and welcoming, making it very hard to leave. I plan on fundraising for the school and rescue center when I return to America because I am so passionate about the work they do. I am planning to come back in the future and see the progress the school has made.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed