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Astride the equator on Africa's eastern coast lies Kenya, where colors are intense, landscapes are breathtaking, and needs are great. From the stunning beaches on the Indian Ocean to the majestic heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya is a land of distinctions. Wildlife abounds, and eighteen national parks are home to innumerable species, including nearly two million wildebeest!

Global Crossroad has carefully designed several overseas volunteering opportunities in Kenya. Explore the country, while you also serve its disadvantaged people through orphanage care, education programs, or medical services. This experience will be an enriching and rewarding one, knowing that you have helped to improve the lives of countless appreciative people. Global Crossroad offers everything from a volunteer in an orphanage abroad and volunteering teaching English overseas program to adventure and family trip abroad.

  • Join thousands of volunteers on affordable programs helping to change the world one family at a time
  • Guaranteed lowest program fees in the US – starting at $150 per week
  • Contribute in the way that is most meaningful to you and get a life changing experience.
  • Your fees directly benefit the volunteer project – there are no middlemen
  • Your safety is always our priority… every volunteer location has been thoroughly vetted

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Yes, I recommend this program

Nairobi Medical Volunteer

I arrived in Nairobi Kenya a week ago for a medical volunteer opportunity. I am a 4th year nursing student with a passion for global health and thought this would be a meaningful and exciting opportunity to both help and learn. Global Crossroads was extremely helpful in expediting my application and offering support in the process, answering all my questions very well. They connected me with the Kenyan country coordinator, Barnabas, who immediately touched base to begin the preparations to come to Kenya. He offered support and answered all my questions in a very timely manner!

Arriving in Nairobi was a smooth process due to good communication. Barnabas and Chris arranged to pick me up and Chris was waiting at the airport. They replied right away to my messages. I had a very warm welcome from Barnabas and his family at their home, and they made sure to answer all my questions and orientate me to the house. Throughout the week they have become like family, cooking delicious Kenyan meals and ensuring my needs are met. Their kids are adorable! I had the opportunity to go their church with them as well on Sunday.

Barnabas has always been caring, he makes sure to check in with me, give me directions, and makes sure I am safe. His team orientated me to the route to the clinic and made sure I am safe getting there. The clinic is located in Kibera; I was very concerned about safety before visiting Kibera but I found it is fine and the route is direct to the clinic. As long as I do not loiter on the path, I have never felt unsafe. Barnabas and his team have also have helped me buy a SIM card, load it multiple times, plan a safari, taken me on day tours, and helped me plan a weekend trip to Mombasa.

The clinic is in a church compound and has a doctor, a lab technician, a receptionist, and a dentist. They are such an awesome team. They were kind and supportive in orientating me to the Kenyan healthcare system, teaching me about medicines and diseases specific to this part of the world, and giving me opportunities to practice. Most people speak at least some English, though it helps to learn some words in Swahili. Be prepared to think outside the box and learn to do procedures etc. with fewer supplies than you may be used to.

The biggest concern I faced when deciding to come to Kenya was the safety. I had heard so many stories about how unsafe Kenya is. However, I find that as long as you are careful (as you should be in most places when travelling), take safety advice from the local team, and ensure Barnabas knows where you are, you will be fine. It has been such an amazing experience, and I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants an adventure and a great learning opportunity. I have not felt unsafe the entire time I have been here, and I walk to and from the clinic alone each day and have gone on a safari and other day tours.

Advice if you decide to come: Come with an open mind. Learn as much as you can. Be ready for water shortages if there is no rain (dry season). Be excited, because you are going to have such a great time!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching In Kenya

It was an incredible experience in Kenya, it is hard to describe in words. From the moment I arrived I felt at home and very welcome in the centre. I volunteered to teach English & Math to during my 2 weeks stay at the centre & I was given the teaching aids that were necessary for classes. If I had problems or needed assistance other teachers were always there to help me. Barnabas was a fantastic source of information and advice during my stay. I found the students to be very eager to learn and very courteous in class. It was just such a pity to find them with only one book to work from for the whole class. Nonetheless, the teachers manage with what little resources they have & they are a great inspiration for the children. I extended my stay there by another week but that was still far too little time to be spending with such great children. I will definitely go back as soon as I can organize for it.

I was welcomed into the host family as their own. It really felt like home. My host sacrificed her own time at weekends to bring me to the Giraffe Centre & the Bomas of Kenya. She also helped me to buy provisions for the orphanage – taking another whole day of her personal time. In terms of the livings conditions I found the house to be most comfortable and the quality of the meals I received was excellent.

On the last week of my stay in Kenya I did the Safari as well. It was absolutely fantastic. The driver, Sammy, was very competent – I felt very safe in the vehicle on such rocky roads! He was also very knowledgeable with respect to the wildlife – in terms of both identification and giving us information about specific animals. The campsite was well run – it was clean & even had hot showers on our second day! The food was also very good.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Had I been aware of the situation I could have brought out some teaching aids, books etc that would have been beneficial for the students.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Medical Clinic

I had a great time at Al Gadhir Medically Clinic. It was a great experience and despite the location, the transport was easy and not once did I feel unsafe. Practicing medicine had it’s challenges, but I was able to educate the medical staff on evidence based medicine guidelines and spent a lot time discussing lab interpretation and antibiotic use. They were keen and were very eager to learn. I also learned a lot myself from them on conditions I haven’t seen before. There were times that were heartbreaking (people unable to afford treatment) and difficult times, explaining to patients why they don’t IV medication for a sore throat. The house was great and close to a lot of sites and really experience the city. Knowing what I do now, bring old textbooks if you decide on this journey!

What would you improve about this program?
The only issue I had was the cost of applying. I was told one price in email, only to be sent another invoice. There was that disconnect in communication. There’s the application fee AND housing/accommodations. I was told it was all included.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Medical Clinic Volunteer December 2018

I truly enjoyed my time volunteering at Al Gadhir Medical Clinic through Global Crossroads. The staff was friendly, approachable and willing to answer any questions you may have. The staff and patients primarily speak Swahili so it was helpful to learn certain words or phrases to help guide/understand the context of the conversations. Public transportation was easy to navigate to and from the clinic. One observation is that hygiene practices at the clinic could be a lot better. But overall, the clinic staff and my time there was enjoyable.

I had contact with the program staff throughout the entire process. There were able to answer any questions or address any concern I had in a timely and efficient manner. Through Global Crossroad, I stayed with a host family during my time in Kenya. The family was very welcoming to having guests in their house. Living arrangement was pretty basic. A room with a bed and the bathroom. Volunteers had access to the living/dining room and kitchen as well.

Transportation was provided during the first few days through the program. Transport was also arranged for the safari which was a definite plus. Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner was provided by the host family.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience through Global Crossroad. I have gained a greater understanding about Kenyan culture and tradition through this immersion. If anything, that would be my greatest appreciation from this experience.

Yes, I recommend this program

My Stay in Kenya

Overall this was an amazing experience for me!!! My host family was amazing and very hospitable. They treated me with respect & helped me whenever I needed it! The clinic that I volunteered at was amazing as well! I was not there for as long as I would have liked but I did meet some amazing people &
learn some great skills for the future! My host family helped me plan some fun activities for me to do while in Kenya which I thought was very nice
of them, and the food was amazing! Some downsides were that the pricing is a lot. Everything from wifi to rides cost money, which is understandable just be prepared and come with extra money. The communication between the volunteer and host needs to be more in depth before the volunteer arrives, it would help out immensely. I would recommend this program to new comers such as I was! It was very easy to feel safe & protected & still have an amazing time!! I was very pleased with my trip.

What would you improve about this program?
As I said, more communication and maybe lower the costs if at
possible. Besides that nothing :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Time in Kenya

This is an amazing program! I am 17, and before this trip, I had never even traveled on a plane alone. For a starter like me, this program made me feel very safe and comfortable. I got to experience amazing things, and because I went through the program some had already been set up for me. The host family I stayed with was amazing, I will say be prepared for some medium to high costs, I think its worth it, but that depends on the person. I had an amazing time and I would recommend this program to newcomers like me! Now I have the confidence to come back on my own. It's amazing! Overall I had a great time, I wish I could stay longer. I met some wonderful people, who I will be staying in touch with and just got to see a whole different culture, which was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

What would you improve about this program?
I think that the costs maybe should decrease a little to make it more approachable, or more communication between the host and volunteers beforehand.

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