Programme made my dreams come true

Content: 10
Engagement: 10
Support: 10
Platform: 10
Value: 10

I have joined the programme in January 2020 and have been a part of the great experience ever since. The ArtBound Initiative has helped me flourish during the most uncertain times. I had an opportunity to intern online for Amey Studio in Paris and secure a part-time position after. In between, I was involved in the Revista de Milenio magazine. During both of the internships, I have learned how to e-communicate and work with industry professionals and how to present my skills.
The ArtBound Initiative has been with me through all my journey, starting with the build-up of my portfolio and answering any questions I had about my intern. The network has not only gave me professional confidence but also great support and help.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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