Getting it done at home!

Content: 10
Engagement: 10
Support: 10
Platform: 10
Value: 10

Saying that this internship was great is a huge understatement. We're in the day and age where remote styled work is encouraged ever since the COVID-19 global pandemic.

It was a struggle at the start to find an internship on my own due to the lack of responses from so many companies that it felt that I needed help. I came through a couple of internship providers but AIP was the one that stood out the most. Going through the whole process was great and simple. The companies provided to me were interested and I ended up finding the right one for me!

I was able to gain so much experience from this internship alone and I even decided to go through with a longer duration just because of how valuable the experience was. I would like to give my thanks to AIP and to my host company for taking care of me throughout the way.

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