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Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

GVI is an incredible company! From start to finish you are supported by the wonderful team and as soon as you touch down on location you are treated as though you are extended family. In terms of the volunteer and intern programmes, there is an amazing variety of programmes to choose from whatever you interests and focuses are and not only do you get the most incredible experiences and memories but you are also making a positive impact to the local community so it’s a win win all round.

My first experience with GVI was backed in 2014 when I was a free 18 year old looking for a new experience with a great impact on the local community. The moment I booked the programme I was giving all the details and information needed to make sure I felt happy and organised before I departed. On touch down I was greeted and picked up by a member of the GVI staff, he was friendly and welcoming and made me feel at ease within seconds. During my time at the base we became on big family, we shared so many amazing experiences together from being together in schools, meeting incredible teachers and children and participating in school events (we did a dance performance together and helped each class create their dances as well). Outside of volunteering we had ample time to explore all that Costa Rica has to offer. I think I came back with over 3000 photos and videos of my time away and so many memories that still make my tummy hurt from laughing at them. My one recommendation when going away is to throw yourself into everything and anything, I promise you won't regret it! I was so sad when the time came for me to leave, and if I didn't have other plans set in motion I was of 100% asked to extend my time.

I am fortunate enough to be going away again with GVI again as an intern this time around and I look forward to many more trips and seeing what happens in the future as well.

So….what are you waiting for?! Go book now you won’t regret it!!

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