Center for Interim Programs

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We cannot thank Holly Bull and her staff at the Center for Interim Programs enough for their help in designing a meaningful and world-expanding set of experiences for our daughter's gap year during the Covid pandemic. At a time when doors were closing everywhere, they helped open doors to safe and extraordinary programs and placements to ensure that our daughter's decision to take a gap year was not in vain.

We were truly impressed by our first 90-minute consultation with Holly, where she probed deeply to understand our daughter's interests, aspirations and concerns. Within a week, she sent us a detailed and comprehensive list of well-vetted and reputable programs that could align with our daughter's goals. Halfway through the year, we had to quickly pivot when Covid conditions in the country where our daughter had planned to do an internship made travel impossible. But Holly put us in touch with another internship placement service, which custom designed a highly unique and incredible internship experience for her in New York City that turned out to be life-changing.

Holly checked in with us frequently both before and during our daughter's gap year to be sure that all program providers were living up to their promises and that all was going smoothly. The fee CIP charges for their services was well worth the priceless opportunities they helped unlock for our daughter. We recommend them highly and without reservation.

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