My language journey continues

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I was planning to go to Japan initially but the COVID-19 seem to be around for a very long time and I could not stand waiting until all this will be over. So I took the initiative and registered for my trial lesson. The teachers were really amazing and started right from the beginning asking the directly what I was looking for to get out from my studies. As my plans were to go to Japan and study full-time for a few months, I wanted to fully immerse myself into a Japanese speaking environment. Thanks to my teachers and the creative learning content they provided (drawings of images and kanjis during class, listening to my favorite Japanese anime songs and discussing lyrics meanings and so much more...) I felt like being in Japan and four months into studying at Meiji Academy online I am still so motivated!

I think the best advice is to aim for a realistic goal you can achieve while studying with them for three months to see significant progress. I will continue studying with Meiji and feeling nostalgic for the time being before heading to Japan sometime next year:)

Dankesch├Ân and for everybody else do not give up your Japanese studies!!

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