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Oct 09, 2020
Jul 31, 2021

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We have implemented brand NEW Japanese online lessons into our portfolio. Learn Japanese without ever having to leave your home!

Practice Japanese with dedicated and highly experienced Japanese language teachers in a private 1-on-1 setting or in a fun group setting - specifically tailored to your individual requirements. And you don't have to settle for one option: Just add additional Private, Group or Conversational Japanese lessons to customize your experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are a language newbie or a Kanji expert, as you will see that the Japanese online lessons are ideal to explore the Japanese language and culture. After taking your first steps online you will feel tempted to travel to Japan - just join one of our many on-site courses and discover so much more Japan has to offer!

Until then, make the most of your time at home and learn a new language by applying for our Japanese online lessons!

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Program Highlights

  • Learn Japanese in private lessons from dedicated teachers!
  • Stay flexible and combine studying Japanese with your daily life & university studies!
  • Gain rapid skill development through lessons that focus specifically on your interests or language deficits!
  • Learn business Japanese from highly-skilled teachers who have in-depth knowledge about the Japanese business world!
  • Take a first glimpse at the Japanese language & culture - without even having to travel to Japan!

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Group Japanese Online Lessons

Our Group Online Lessons are the amazing online experience you have been looking for. You will be improving your Japanese at an excellent pace along with your classmates. Your teachers will make sure interaction is constant during lessons. Classes are kept small (6 max) to ensure every student gets enough speaking time. Moreover, you will be assigned to a virtual classroom that aligns with your level and language goals.

Private Japanese Online lessons with private tutor

Our Private Online Lessons are aimed towards students of all levels who would like to take big steps towards fluency in the Japanese language. Private Lessons are completely personalized for each student, meaning that teachers will focus on the specific areas of Japanese that you want to improve the most. Your lessons are just a click away now!

Practice Japanese with native speakers as part of our conversational Japanese add-on

Our Conversational Japanese module is for students who would like to make meaningful connections with people in Japan. Whether you want to make new friends, or just feel more comfortable speaking the language and improving your accent, this module will help you infinitely. Get ready to start speaking confidently and reach a newer level of fluency in spoken Japanese as you use the language in many different situations outdoors!

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9.87 Rating
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  • Instruction 9.8
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.8
  • Housing 10
  • Value 9.7
  • Content 9.9
  • Engagement 10
  • Support 10
  • Platform 9.9
  • Value 10
  • Academics 0
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Yes, I recommend this program

Studying Japanese from home

I have been studying Japanese on my own for a while now, but there is only a certain point you can reach alone during self-study. Because I cannot travel to Japan right now, I decided to look for online classes and found Meiji Academy.

I booked Private Lessons because they are most flexible to schedule and it was easier to find a slot fitting my time zone than for the Group Lessons. I also had the feeling I could learn a lot within each 50 minutes lesson when my teacher would focus on only me.

During my lessons I improved a lot of different skills, that I could not study easily on my own before, especially listening and speaking. And I could study conveniently in my own home. Now that my currently booked lessons are ending soon, I'm applying for an extension. I am really happy with my studies at Meiji Academy

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Yes, I recommend this program


Meiji Academy has a very good way of handling classes. You are very flexible and the lessons is very good. I personally feel like I learnt a lot in a short amount of time. Its good to have a Japanese teacher in Japan because that way you can only speak in Japanese or English and not your own language which is very good for making progress. My teachers were very kind and I enjoyed working with them. They prepare lessons very carefully and adjust it to your expectations and level. So, you can learn a lot if you are willing to invest the necessary time and work into studying. If you like Japan and the language, you will have a good time

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Yes, I recommend this program

Friendly and smiling teachers

The online study program with Meiji Academy was awesome. The teachers were lovely and the classes were really interesting. I wish I could have taken more classes but my schedule was already full of my own business. Speaking of which, I appreciated that I was able to adjust my class schedule according to my availabilities.
I attended each one of the classes with pleasure. The teachers were always smiling and encouraging me whenever I failed some exercise or something, they were very supportive! I liked that we focused on conversational Japanese and also that they gave me some homework to do. My Japanese level improved so much thanks to these amazing people!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thank you Meiji Academy!!

I should have said it directly to my teachers, but I really wanted to say thank you for all the joy and the great times I had during the online classes with Meiji Academy. It was more than just Japanese classes; we became friends and we could talk about so many different topics, we had so much fun together even though we never actually met in person. I really hope we can meet someday when I come to Japan. And then I'll show you that your hard work during the classes is worth it <3. I will keep studying Japanese every day just like we did over the last two months. I'm glad that I had the chance to meet you guys!

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Yes, I recommend this program

They are wonderful

Their teaching approach is excellent and very professional. Now I can understand and communicate in Japanese which is truly amazing! Meiji Academy encourages and motivates every student to give their best and it pays off. I really appreciated their work and their patience with me when I didn't understand something or needed more time to work on specific grammar. This past month has been wonderful, it was so motivating to attend the virtual classes and learn new stuff every day. I knew I was doing the right thing getting closer to my dream of speaking Japanese fluently. Thank you, guys!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Got a lot of fun with Meiji Academy

If you are looking for an interactive and memorable experience, Meiji Academy is the school you need! The online classes are great, high quality, and fun, and the teachers are really amazing. It felt like joining a new virtual happy family. My Japanese level improved beyond expectation and so as my knowledge of the Japanese culture. This experience was something special and the memories I have now will stay in my head forever! Meiji is the kind of school that never let you down even after the program ended. It's a cool opportunity to make friends from Japan. You should just go for it and I promise you won't regret it!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Nice language school

I have heard about Meiji Academy through a friend who went to Japan last year. He told me that he was going to take online lessons this time and I thought it was a good idea so I did the same! I have never really thought about online lessons before, but it's a very good way to learn a new language when you have to stay at home. You can sit at your own desk, with some coffee and take your notes on your computer which is very convenient. The lessons were fun and interesting and the teachers were really nice. This online course is a really good alternative for learning Japanese efficiently with native and qualified teachers.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Meiji Academy is the best!

I could talk about Meiji Academy for hours, but I'll try to be quick! The classes are well organized and the teachers are always on time. (I point that out because I had already taken Spanish lessons over the internet a few years ago with another school, and my teacher was often late.) The teachers are Japanese, and some of them speak English very well. I didn't have the same teacher every day, which was a good advantage in getting used to different ways of speaking. Classes focus on spoken Japanese, but you can request additional kanji lessons if you are interested! For my part, I just wanted to learn spoken Japanese so we focused on that every day. Now I can talk about a lot of different subjects in Japanese! I never got bored during the lessons because they are very stimulating and fun.

18 people found this review helpful.

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