A Life-Changing Program

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I've worked with Outreach360 for over three years now, and I can honestly say that the program has changed my life. As a Lead Teacher, I built lesson plans, created homework, and taught about 20 students in various levels 5 days a week. My students were bright, engaging, and genuinely some of the most passionate people I have ever met. I learned a tremendous amount about myself as a leader and volunteer, becoming a more compassionate and thoughtful educator and person in the process. The staff dedicates every waking moment to making sure that the students get access to opportunities otherwise unavailable to them and works hard to support and guide volunteers. It is a thoughtfully organized group that utilizes its volunteers and resources to the fullest potential in order to maximize growth in the students. I would absolutely recommend volunteering with Outreach360 for anyone looking to make a real difference in education.

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