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I came across Meiji Academy's online lessons when I was looking for options to study Japanese remotely. By coincidence it happened to be that a friend of mine at university has taken part in their online lessons before. After my initial trial lesson, which was much focused on my Japanese level, learning goals and an overview on what my learning progress would be after a set date, I decided to enroll in their course. At the beginning the learning curve was very slow due to me only committing one lesson per week. I had a revision and also addressed my issues to the staff at Meiji. We agreed to proceed with 2-3 lessons per week and I also promised to do my homework on time. It might sound obvious but you really have to self-commit to studying by yourself while doing the Japanese language classes to get the maximum output. Once I did the recommended changes by my teachers, I made significant progress in the following month and then after four months I was ready to pass JLPT 4 which I did!!! All the staff at Meiji Academy were so lovely and helpful but be prepared to put your own effort in to get the maximum outcome. After my four months at Meiji (Online) Academy I am still proceeding with my classes and due to the amazing teachers and good results I am more than ever motivated to continue my Japanese studies:)
Arigatou gozaimashita! Mata Nihon de aimashou!

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