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My Japanese online classes with Meiji Academy were a wonderful experience. Komiya-san really assisted me well with a lot of information about the classes and how they are structured. I have learned Japanese before with another Japanese language school online, but was not very happy about their lessons as the teachers changed randomly and my questions were not properly addressed. I had some misconceptions that certain practices are normal and also worried if my concerns will be addressed. The friendly nature of Meiji's staff helped me to address my worries right from the beginning that I experienced in the past. I am happy that they proved me wrong that not every Japanese school is the same. Their individually addressed customer focus helped me open up and communicating with them about my goals better. The teachers even make the effort to prepare the lessons to focus on my weak points in Japanese grammar and speaking. This made me so comfortable learning and continuing my studies with them.

Their website also provides a lot of useful information. In addition, I highly recommend watching their YouTube and Instagram channel as they provide so much free learning content there.

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