Best hands-on therapy experience!

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

If you are looking for some amazing experience with speech therapy, go on a trip with Therapy Abroad! I have never had the opportunity to actually be the one doing speech therapy until this program. I really felt like the students were entirely in charge of the speech services camp for kids. We planned all the activities for each day and were each given a child to specifically work with. We were responsible for that child and worked on a team to help reach each individual child's goals. I definitely was nervous at first since I had never done speech in action, but the SLPs there were amazing mentors and everything turned out great! I loved being with real clients and helping out in such a grateful community! I also really enjoyed the educational discussions on the culture and therapy strategies.

The adventures were also really fun! I felt like I did not get exactly what I thought I was getting at times because they had to make a few adjustments with COVID the last year, and they did not communicate those changes very well before the trip. However, they made sure to still have amazing experiences that I do not regret! My favorite activities were canoeing through caves and snorkeling at Caye Caulker (We swam with sharks and a manatee!). I really loved the trip and would do it again! (side note: I personally really enjoyed having an entire island to ourselves since there were not many tourists this year due to the pandemic)

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I would have liked more communication before the trip about exactly what we were doing and what places were like so there were not surprises like canoeing instead of tubing or boat docks instead of sandy beaches or the last dinner being at a not very dressy place when we all expected it. I was very happy with everything that we did, I just wish I knew more beforehand, so I didn't get any surprises in the moment. I also wish we had just one more day at Caye Caulker!