An Experience I Will Never Forget

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

I had an incredible experience with Amigos last summer in Session B of the La Sierra, Ecuador program because of the friends I made and the new experiences I had. Since we began our trip with a long layover in the Quito airport, our group immediately bonded. We were all extremely excited to arrive in Ecuador and begin the program, so we quickly found commonalities between us. The strength of the friendships we forged was clear at the airport when we were returning home because it was painful to say goodbye to one another. The friends I made weren’t just from the US because two students from Ecuador participated in the program with us. Every day we ate our meals together, worked on the farm together, and went through new experiences together. Building strong friendships and connections with the people I met, made the program so wonderful.

In addition to the people I met, the new experiences I had really widened my global perspective and gave me a greater appreciation for cultures other than my own. I loved working on the farm planting vegetables and helping with the compost. Many highlights of the trip occurred when taking care of the animals on the farm. I remember being given the opportunity to wake up at 5 am and help milk the cows at Kinti Wasi, and seizing that opportunity was a fantastic decision. It was surreal seeing the sunrise over the mountains as the cows were all around us eating the grass of the field. I would encourage everyone to try Amigos!

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