AMIGOS Ecuador La Sierra 2021!

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I had the most amazing time on my AMIGOS trip this past summer. I went on the Ecuador La Sierra trip and my project pod stayed on a farm and in an indigenous community. We worked at the farm, went on lots of hikes, explored the city of Cuenca, and learned how to cook delicious foods. Some of my favorite activities were seeing a cow birth, milking the cows, using biological materials to build a wall on a side of a home, making soup for lunch, and painting a mural. I learned about sustainable agriculture in Ecuador through talking to the people at the farm and working at the farm every day, whether we were harvesting vegetables, raking leaves in the forest, or making compost. I believe I improved my Spanish because we spoke to everyone at the farm in Spanish and had Spanish classes every morning. The group activities we had within our pod were really engaging and we were able to develop strong connections as a group. Through this program, I've developed lasting friendships with the other volunteers in my pod, and I am so grateful for our supervisors who were so supportive and inspiring. This experience with AMIGOS is one that I'll never forget, and I would recommend AMIGOS to anyone!

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Thank you so much for organizing such an amazing trip! I am so grateful to have gone this summer, to have met such amazing people and to have learned so much.