Waste of thousands of dollars

Benefits: 1
Support: 1
Fun: 1
Facilities: 1
Safety: 1

It is FREE to teach in spain when applying through the government. The only difference you will find when applying through CIEE is their advertised "comprehensive support" including health insurance and orientation programs. The health insurance only covers emergencies, so you have to pay entirely out of pocket to see any doctor in any other circumstance. It also does not cover ANY public medical facilities, so you have to see expensive private doctors who you must pay out of pocket and then simply hope the insurance company (itself owned by CIEE -- i.e. a racket) pays you back at some point. The "support" is almost exclusively email-based and all the information they provide is readily available online. The orientation information is also readily available for free. Basically, you're paying almost 3000 USD for a week in a hotel and an email address to which you can direct questions. Not worth it. None of the answers provide any information that you can't just google. The only redeeming quality, as far as I'm aware, is that the Spanish government will place you in any Spanish city while CIEE guarantees a place in the Community of Madrid (but not the center of Madrid). Unless you have never traveled overseas and will be completely overwhelmed by any bureaucratic or administrative processes, don't waste your money.

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