Between the mountains and ocean you can never go wrong

Growth: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 9

When I first began the search for an internship last fall, I never dreamed that I would spend three months in Cape Town. By the Lord's providence, this was the only internship that ended up front and center, and I realized that spending the summer abroad may be a very real possibility. There really is no place like Cape Town. Naturally, Cape Town is the most beautiful place I have been in.

My internship was with a surfboard startup company in Muizenberg. I am studying mechanical engineering but am extremely interested in small business, so this internship was a perfect combination of the two. I also got the opportunity to surf quite a bit while I was here - something I had never had the opportunity to do before either. I enjoyed the full Cape Town experience - from hiking Table Mountain to surfing in the Indian Ocean to Culture Series and the vast number of Friday Activities that allowed me so many new and exciting opportunities. I am so grateful for the people of VACorps - without the program establishing a group of interns here to befriend and live 3 months with, I would not have made it in Cape Town. The program advisors care so much and have become some of my dearest friends and people I have learned so much from.

I could write forever about my Cape Town experience, but there are not enough words to express the lessons I learned the memories I will take with me when I leave. I would not trade any of them for the world.

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