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The Volunteer Adventure Corps is a unique organization that has transformed the lives of countless young adventurers through careful program design and a sincere passion for what we do. We at VACorps steadfastly continue our time-honored tradition of creating legends; bold African adventurers who will speak about their experiences in Cape Town, South Africa and its neighboring countries for the rest of their lives.

We create customized internship placements in Cape Town, South Africa for students and young professionals in all fields of interest. Our diverse and extensive list of companies and organizations will give you the opportunity to intern within the field of your choice! Whatever your interests, we will aid you in achieving your goals while you explore one of the world's most vibrant cities.

We're a full-service program dedicated to providing our participants with a life-changing experience in the Mother City, both personally and professionally.

  • Tailor-made internship placements in all fields of interest.
  • 24/7 Support. We're your safety net throughout your time in Cape Town and here for you every step of the way.
  • Weekly Friday Excursions that are included in your program cost.
  • Program Housing: all our interns live together in program neighborhood of 'Obz'.
  • Program extras: from Xhosa-language lessons, meal plans, to 10-day VAC Travel trips, we have your African adventure covered!

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A 6-month internship is $3250, or $300 for each additional month after 3 months.
I worked for a fashion based video production company called Big Sky Productions in Cape Town. I would scout locations, photograph casting calls, help out on set, shadow the producers in pitch meetings, general maintenance of the office, as well as shoot my own projects for the company using their gear. I would work some days until the wee hours of the night, and other days I was in before the sun...


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  • Growth 9.6
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 8.8
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Cape Town

I'd like to say I chose Cape Town because of the many different opportunities and experiences it had to offer, but in reality, Cape Town chose me Cape Town has allowed me to grow as an individual and meet so many different people from all over the world. VAC has given me the experience and opportunity to grow as a professional and give me lifelong skills and memories that I can use to become a better social worker. With the help of VAC, I would have never found the friends that very quickly became family. This is a once and a lifetime experience that shouldn't be missed out upon. I was able to call Cape Town my home for 3 months and interned at Baphumelele Children's Home in Khayelitsha. My internship placement has given me so much insight on the cultural differences around the world. It has given me a better understanding of how the unequal distribution of wealth really impacts a nation. My internship placement has also shown me that even though the people living in the townships may have it worse than some they never once give up their will or hope to keep moving forward.

Yes, I recommend
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Life Changing Experience

I finally got the email, I finally got it! I open it and my heart shatters; my biggest desire for the last two weeks had been to go to Cape Town. The email I opened was telling me that I submitted my Application incorrectly and would not be accepted to University of Cape Town that Fall. I was devastated. Naturally the entrepreneur in me decided to start searching for another option. I applied to about 100 tech companies in South Africa and kept getting the same response. “Sorry but we don’t hire foreigners, if you make it to cape town perhaps we can meet for coffee”. None of the companies I wanted to work for wanted me to come work for them.
That’s when at about 2AM on a Tuesday I came across VACorps. I got a response to my email within minutes and was set up with an interview the following day. Finally, someone would at least listen to me. VACorps set me up with the elusive internship that I had been looking for within a couple days, and when I finally arrived the internship exceeded expectations.
The second thing that exceeded expectations was the other Interns. For me the people I meet in Cape Town and the Family that I build during my VAC internship made a lifelong impact on who I am as a person and will forever hold an incredibly important place in my heart. I know I will remember the day I left for the rest of my life, VAC was the beginning of a lifelong journey. The incredible opportunity VAC has given me is the single most important trip of my life up until this point.

How can this program be improved?
Lower price, but I feel that the price is worth the people you meet through the program
Yes, I recommend
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Intern in Cape Town

I’ve been asked multiple times why I chose to go to Cape Town of all places for my experience abroad — I never truly had an answer, but knowing what I do now about living in South Africa I would have never picked a different place to go! This country has SO much to offer: activities, food, culture, diversity, language, adventure, experience, etc. There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t do at least something while I was there. The housing was conveniently located and everyone in the program was within walking distance of each other. I walked into the program not knowing a single person, and walked out of the program with some of the most amazing lifelong friends. The onsite VACorps and CISabroad teams gave us an orientation on our first day, checked in with us often, and hosted weekly activities! The application process was easy and both VACorps and CISabroad were helpful throughout. I recommend South Africa to anybody! If you’re even slightly considering going abroad, I’m telling you the answer is already yes!

Yes, I recommend
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my internship experience in Cape Town with VACorps program

As my journey to this beautiful country is about to end, i have to admit that Cape Town is the most beautiful country i have ever visited. It was the most challenging and exciting journey i have ever made.
I love challenging myself, doing different things and explore different areas that i haven't been to before, in Cape Town i had the opportunity to experience all of that, Cape Town has it all; environment, cool places to visit and friendly people to share memories with. It's almost 2 months and i wish i could stay longer..
My internship experience was amazing, and the staff made it easier for me to cope better with different challenging cases, it enhanced my observation and communication skills where i can use my compassionate side to help people with different problems.

I could say that it a lifetime experience, everyone should try it oneday.

Yes, I recommend
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This was a lovely experience working at a Site B clinic in a township outside of Cape Town. My experience here really helped me grow and opened my eyes to what the medical field has to offer, especially in a lower income area. I worked with such an amazing staff of medical professionals and have gained so much knowledge that I will forever cherish. It was definitely an unforgettable experience that I will never forget.

Yes, I recommend


Although I chose an internship in Cape Town almost randomly, I have quickly fallen in love with the city and its way of life. As soon as you step outside your house, there is an incredible sense of culture. Besides the amazing cultures, food, hikes and people from here are truly incredible beings. Infact , I think I've made more friends just walking down the streets in OBS than I have at school in Michigan! and although I've only known most of my Cape Town friends for a few months , I couldn't imagine my life without them. They've made half way around the globe feel like home.

Working at the clinic in SiteB has taught me a lot about medicine, but much more about about myself. Learning how to make a backslab or suture a wound will definitely stick with me, but it is not the most valuable lesson that has impacted me. I have seen injuries here that would have been rushed into surgery back home, but due to the lack of resources, were asked to wait in the triage unit. Despite some of these unfortunate situations, the patients were almost always grateful for the help they have received. Not only has this taught me about the fortunes some of us have with insurance and access to private hospitals, but it has also opened my eyes to the opportunities of global health. Due to this experience, I am now looking into medical schools that offer a chance to become involved abroad.

Overall, I had an even better experience with VAC than I could ever hoped for . Already looking forward to the day I'll be able to came back and visit my amazing new friends here!

How can this program be improved?
Perhaps having interns come and leave on a more regulated fashion.
Yes, I recommend
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Cape Town Farewell

I will be that cliché person to say that this trip has not only transformed my life, but changed my persona forever. I came to VAC with the main hope to gain professional experience. Unsure on what I would gain from Cape Town personally and culturally, I shortly realized the lessons I have learned are ones that will stay with me for a lifetime. One of my biggest challenges in life thus far has been getting out of the United States to experience new cultures. The best decision that I possibly could have made was choosing Cape Town, South Africa to broaden my horizons, and I thank VAC for being my liaison. How can I possibly find the right words to explain my incredible, nearly indescribable 7-week experience? Originally thinking that 7 weeks was too long, I only learned it was not nearly enough time in the most beautiful city that I have ever experienced.

On a professional scale, what I gained from my internship was more than any amount of money could teach me. In all earnest, I could not have been placed at a more perfect internship site. I worked at Tembaletu alongside staff that welcomed me with open arms and treated me like family. At Tembaletu, I went to work alongside Occupational Therapists who I had the pleasure to observe while also doing my own independent projects. One of my favorite things I did while interning was going to the beautiful area of Constantia for hippotherapy where the students did rehabilitation by riding horses.

Outside of my internship, VAC had provided me the opportunity to make a large group of friends that I know will be nothing short of lifelong friendships. From there, we indulged ourselves in the South African experience and culture through a plethora of activities: climbing Cape Town’s most beautiful mountains, going on safaris at Kruger national park while sleeping in bungalows (courtesy of VAC's Thomas Hill), interacting with elephants, baby lions and monkeys, frequenting the Forex, visiting weekend markets, sunset cruises a regular routine, and lastly never passing up a weekly Friday VAC activity.

Words cannot describe how much I will miss the vibrant, creative, and charming atmosphere of South Africa. The finger prints of the South African people and coordinates will surely never fade from my heart.

Yes, I recommend

3 months in Cape Town as a journalist

My experience in Cape Town was unique because I was able to travel outside of Cape Town to write stories and this allowed me to meet many people, make connections and definitely step out of my comfort zone. This program impacted my life immensely and continues to. Not only did it aid me in getting a job once I returned home, it also helped me develop personally, and in so many ways. This program introduced me to new people, friends, and gave me the best 3 months I've ever experienced. One of my favorite memories was going to a 2 day music festival with some other interns who became some of my closest friends and going on the garden route was quite spectacular. But I mostly enjoyed living in Obs, meeting new people, and realizing how much it felt like home!

Yes, I recommend
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Site B Community Health Clinic, Khayelitsha

"I had the great opportunity to do my internship at the Site B Community Health Clinic in Khayelitsha. I spent most of my time in the Trauma Department, but I also was exposed to many different fields; such as, Maternity, OPD, HIV/TB clinic, Pediatrics, Triage, and Mental Health. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount of information from the doctors and sisters, but I also got to actively participate in a wide range of patient care skills--treating multiple stab wounds, cleaning and treating burn victims, HIV tests, vital signs, and the application and removal of casts. With the adverse conditions of the patients in Site B, I also learned many valuable patient care lessons that I had never been exposed to in the US. My internship with Site B far exceeded my expectations, and taught me a numerous amount of skills that I will take with me (as a hopeful PA) in the future. ---Brianna Starr

How can this program be improved?
Everything about my internship was great. The only thing I can think of was that my house was very cold some nights and extra warm blankets could have come in handy.
Yes, I recommend

Capetonian at heart

My experience here in South Africa has empowered and inspired me in so many ways that it is completely impossible to narrate in a small passage. While working at Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital I have been exposed to many circumstances that I would have never seen in the United States. The laid back atmosphere of Cape Town has greatly challenged my fast pace American way of completing tasks and has shown me that positive things can happen in due time. This internship has helped me gain confidence with my work as it has shown me that I am able to overcome things in the presence of adversity. It has also exposed me to ways of blissfully overcoming instances of low income and resources. The staff members at the hospital have been so welcoming and witnessing their passion even through the struggles of the facility will be something that I carry with me for the rest of my life. My time here has given me insight to a unique kind of love and happiness, where you should always show kindness towards every person you cross paths with and no matter what the uncontrollable situations of life may be you should never let anything disrupt your inner peace. The mother city of Cape Town has surely stolen my heart with it is culture, natural beauty, and adventure. I have met so many amazing people from all over the world that I will keep close to my heart through VAC, my internship placement, and the house that I lived in. I never thought that I could love living with 11 other people so much and 89 Station Road has shown me just that. I have been given me the opportunity to truly find myself through growing and learning in every moment of this adventure. It has been a sound reassurance as to why I have chosen to pursue a career in Public Health. This is not a “goodbye” Cape Town; it is a “see you later!”

Yes, I recommend

Your guide through Cape Town

I still remember the moment I told my mom I wanted to have an internship in Cape Town. She was terrified something might happen - and scared. I had never traveled by myself and hadn't been away from home for more than three weeks, so you might understand the worries of my mother.

Luckily, there was VACorps. I didn't receive a lot of support from my University so I had to go through everything myself. Except, that's what I thought. I don't know what would have become of me during my time in Cape Town without the support of VACorps!

I arrived on a Wednesday but only started my internship on the Monday after. I didn't know what to do since I was all by myself and VAC immediately invited me to join their hike on Friday. This was a nice opportunity to get to know new people! And that is exactly what happened, I met so many beautiful people through VAC who became more like a family to me, including the VAC staff. VAC is located in Observatory, a trendy and young area in Cape Town where there are plenty of bars and restaurants. Most of the students I knew through VAC were living in this area as well and after a few weeks we had our weekly dinners together, went to the pool bar together and played trivia and beerpong at Forex!

Next to meeting all these nice people, VAC was a huge support when it came to my internship. It didn't matter what was on my mind or where I needed help, they were always there for me! VAC helps you get a placement and supports you on your first day, brings you there, shows you around, how to get there by using public transportation and where there are nice restaurants to have lunch for example. This was very helpful!

I was also very, very happy VAC introduced me to Cape Town by giving orientations. These are very informative sessions where they tell you all the in's and out's, the do's and don'ts, cultural differences and how to prevent yourself from getting pick pocketed, because that it something that happens too often - unfortunately.

Because of VAC I saw so many different sides of Cape Town. There are weekly activities which are not mandatory - but I bet you will participate in every single one of them just because it is so much fun! The best weekly activity was on my birthday, when we went sailing all together! We were enjoying the sun and the views while having a drink! Another highlight was our visit to Cape Point, something you wouldn't easily do yourself if you don't have a car for example. Besides these weekly activities, VAC also organizes travels! I was lucky enough I could join the Cederberg trip, three days of goofing around, having a braai, hiking for an entire day, swimming and jumping off of cliffs and camping under the brightest stars I've ever seen. This was definitely the best weekend during my stay!

Even though I've been home for a few months now, it still feels like yesterday. And if you're reading this review because you are preparing to go to Cape Town, just know that I am extremely jealous of you. People told me it is hard to say goodbye when you have to leave. I thought it would be okay, but I have never been more wrong. Cape Town will steal your heart. Be careful and enjoy every - single - minute!

Yes, I recommend

VACorps Internship with Heart Capital in Cape Town!

I have participated in three service trips, participated in an internship program in London, and studied abroad and absolutely nothing compares to my internship experience in Cape Town. VACorps provides the perfect experience for young adults. All of the housing is located in a trendy, young part of the city and the houses are within walking distance of one another. The Foreign Exchange bar is also owned by the VACorps owner and you can even opt for catered, healthy dinners served at Forex to those in the program. Every Friday there is an activity - or vactivity - like going surfing, wine tasting, or to the Cape of Good Hope, and Xhosa classes are offered as well! There is a ton of freedom, but also plenty of guidance on fun local things to do and assistance when you need it. I had a bad allergic reaction and a VAC staff member guided me through getting to the hospital and the ENTIRE VAC team came to visit me that morning. The staff is so fun and always gives great suggestions! Almost all of my sixteen roommates loved their internships, and for those who didn't a back up plan was created efficiently and they were able to switch. My internship at Heart Capital was incredibly cool. If anyone is interested in social entrepreneurship, there is no better place to intern than Heart! I would encourage everyone to apply, South Africa is a beautiful country and Cape Town is an amazing city (mountains, beach, vineyards, trendy markets..what more could you want?!). VACorps was the best program I ever did and I would recommend it to all!

How can this program be improved?
I wish there were more opportunities to travel outside of Cape Town through VACorps. I could not go on the trip to Mozambique because the dates did not work with my work schedule and was bummed to miss out! However, as far as Cape Town is concerned, VACorps was fantastic.
Yes, I recommend
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Loving life in Cape Town

Cape Town was incredible. I have been to Europe and Asia but Cape Town stands far above them. The mix of culture and history and the placement of the city in such a beautiful spot is unparalleled. My internship allowed me to gain a lot of insight into how an up and coming business operates and because I worked right downtown, I was able to absorb everything the city had to offer and expand my horizons.

Yes, I recommend
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Volunteer Adventure Corps- Africa's Best Internship Company

Via Volunteer Adventure Corps (VAC), I was able to gain access to an established social development company called Heart Capital, which built entrepreneurial businesses in the townships of South Africa. Working on the finance team for Heart Capital, I was able to learn a significant amount about the business side of impact investing as well as the social work that is required on the ground. It was a challenging experience, but one that I benefited from greatly.

As for VAC's program assistance, I couldn't have asked for anything more from an internship program. Unlike many other internship programs, which simply contact you with employer, VAC is there every step of the way. Their program assistants there are accessible 24/7, and they plan fun trips every Friday afternoon. In addition, they plan fun trips to other parts of Africa, often 2 weeks in length, that proved to be experiences! VAC also provided me with convenient and comfortable housing within Cape Town. I truly do no know of another internship company operating at VAC's level...

How can this program be improved?
If there were any negatives to VAC's program, it was that I was unable to make many of their fun, unique Friday afternoon activities due to work obligations.
Yes, I recommend
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VAC Intern Experience

Interning with VAC changed my life. After graduating from Brown University, I was unsure about what job I wanted, where I wanted to live and what I would do. Interning with VAC not only confirmed by decision to not become a lawyer, but also made me realize that I wanted to live outside of the US for awhile and discover myself more. Two years later and I am now happily living in South Africa, going to the University of Cape Town to study International Relations and teach Politics and I have the best support system I could ever have asked for, living so far away from home. I am extremely lucky and feel like VAC happened to me for a reason.

Yes, I recommend


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