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Aug 21, 2023
May 16, 2023
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About Program

VACorps offers superior internship placements in Cape Town, South Africa. We commit all of our energy to one purpose – helping our program participants to have a professionally and personally rewarding internship experience in Cape Town. This is why VACorps unfailingly receives great reviews from not only our participants but also parents and university administrators. At the center of our participants' experience in our programs start with the careful selection of internships. Before they leave their home countries for Cape Town, participants will be in constant communication with members of the VACorps staff as we design peculiar details of their internship placements based on their academic, intellectual, and professional aspirations. We are Cape Town specialists, and all of our staff and programs are based in the mother city, simply because it is the most beautiful city in the world.

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Program Highlights

  • Professional internship placement in one of the world's most beautiful cities
  • Expert pre-arrival and in-country staff support (orientation, tour of the city, first-meeting at internship site, 24/7 emergency hotline and general support and guidance)
  • Weekly social excursions to help you explore Cape Town and its surrounds
  • Weekly workshops about South African culture
  • Enjoy plenty of travel opportunities to attractions like the Garden Route, Mozambique, Kruger National Park, and Cederberg Mountains

Popular Programs

Human Rights Internships in Cape Town

VACorps offers one of the most prestigious human rights internship programs in South Africa, facilitated and mentored by a US qualified lawyer who is currently a human rights policy advocate in South Africa. You will be placed with local organizations that provide services to victims of human rights violations. By working directly with service providers and the people they are trying to assist, you will gain exposure to the challenges associated with protecting and exercising one’s human rights.

VACorps counselling and psychology internships

Our internship placements will give you unique access to counseling and social support services in South Africa. Whether you are interested in a counseling internship at an NGO, a clinical placement at a rehabilitation center, or an organizational psychology internship at a private company, we will find you an internship that matches your interests and objectives.

Business Internships in Cape Town with VACorps

Cape Town is one of Africa’s largest business Centres and is home to many well-established companies, SME’s, social enterprises, NGOs, start-ups, and much more. Whether you are looking for experience in a fast-paced for-profit organization or would prefer to apply your knowledge and work for an organization that helps the underprivileged, VACorps will customize a business internship that will help you work towards your goals and objectives.

VACorps Technology Internships in Cape Town

Cape Town boasts a bustling tech start-up scene, and it is estimated that 60% of all African Tech startups have their feet firmly planted within Cape Town City Metro. A Technology Internship abroad will allow you to gain a unique perspective on the very important role the technology industry plays in a developing economy. As you gain experience, learn new skills and expand your network, you will also see how a different culture uses technology to address its own unique market needs.

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  • Growth 4.9
  • Support 4.95
  • Fun 5
  • Housing 4.85
  • Safety 4.8
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Yes, I recommend this program

My 2 month OT Internship in Cape Town

I spent 2 months interning in Cape Town to complete a fieldwork placement for my Occupational Therapy degree. I chose Cape Town as it fit the requirements of my university for an international placement, but also because of the amazing weather and how many things there are to do here in the evening/weekends! I was placed at a residential facility for adults with intellectual disabilities, which was definitely out of my comfort zone, but it has done so much for my confidence to challenge myself, and I have loved the experience! My supervisor and everyone at my internship site were so welcoming, and I had the opportunity to help out with birthdays and Valentine's Day celebrations, as well as shopping trips with the residents, and the daily running of the therapy program. I am really sad to be going home - I will miss how friendly everyone in Cape Town is, as well as being able to go to the beach or hiking within a 10-minute drive! The VAC team was great at supporting me to find my internship, especially as my university had strict requirements and timeframes, and it was great to know there was always someone to help if I had any issues or questions in Cape Town. Thank you so much VACorps for such an amazing experience!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Lifelong memories!

The internship, the country, the people, the food, the landscape, and the wine, I enjoyed it all! From the moment that I stepped out of the plane, I felt the warm and amazing culture that is transpired by the people all over Cape Town and especially the community of people at VACorps. Not only did I enjoy my internship, facilitated by VACorps, but because of the weekly Friday activities, the weekend trip on the Garden Route, and the amazing community, I also got to experience all the gems of this incredible city. Beautiful memories, amazing experiences, and life-long friendships are what I take back home with me!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The ideal mix of work and play

I chose to come to Cape Town on a whim, which turned out to be one of the best whims I've ever had. I had the most amazing experience during my time in Cape Town. VACorps organized for me to intern with the incredible Justice Desk, which was an opportunity I simply wouldn't have been able to do without the support and organization of the VAC team. VACorps works hard to ensure that every week you have to opportunity to explore and engage with Cape Town's culture and experiences. One of the best parts about my choice to intern through the VACorp was meeting and getting to know the other interns, like-minded individuals from across the world who I connected with in Cape Town and who have become lifelong friends. I highly recommend this internship program for an ideal mix of work and play, individual exploration, and personal growth.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I cannot recommend this experience enough, do it!!

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for my time in Cape Town and VACorps. I chose to do this program because I graduated college and felt unsure of my career path and wanted to explore the world and expand my perspective. I can say without a doubt that this experience not only expanded my perspective but expanded me. Completing an internship abroad taught me so much about myself professionally. Being able to learn from another country's work culture and environment was immensely beneficial to my professional growth. I went into the internship wanting to understand myself more professionally. This internship really helped me figure out my strengths and weaknesses because I was able to have clients. Being given the agency to have clients and do my own work gave me the experience of having a true work assignment and starting and completing it. In addition, being able to live with people from across the globe is an experience I will forever treasure. I am so glad that I chose VAcorps because they helped me find an internship that was exactly in line with my professional aspirations and it connected me with friends across the globe that I will have for life!

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience in Cape Town with VACorps has been nothing short of incredible

My time in Cape Town has been nothing but wonderful. I have never traveled abroad before and for this to be my first experience was amazing. VACorps made the process so much better by being so welcoming and informative about my stay here. They eased us into our journey by taking us to some important stops throughout Cape Town, advising us about safety, and connecting us with other people that would help make our stay more comfortable. All of the staff was very helpful and available whenever we needed them. They placed me with a wonderful internship and if others did not have a good fit with theirs, they made sure to connect them with a better place for them to intern during their stay. The Friday activities were always filled with fun. There was something for everyone, whether that was hiking, wine tasting, surfing, or eating great food. They helped me better bond with the other people in the program and through that, I have made some lifelong friends. The culture series was also very informative and were a mix of fun and educational activities for us to better connect with the culture here in South Africa. I am very sad for my journey in Cape Town to end but it has motivated me to travel more around the world and of course, come back and visit again in the future. I was very nervous coming into the trip because I did not know what to expect and had never been so far away from home, but having the VACorps staff to support me and getting to know all of the other interns helped me find a family away from home.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A worthwhile learning experience in a beautiful city

I came to Cape Town to join the VACorps program in order to experience the culture of South Africa and to see what working in another country would be like. I did my apprenticeship at a local TV station and was very happy with the warm welcome I received, and the work that I got to do. My goal was to give journalism a good shot and see if it was something for me. I feel like I have achieved that goal, and I have learned so much. I really enjoyed the freedom I had on my stories and loved going out to meet people. I have traveled all over the city with the news team and had so many unique experiences. Cape Town is a unique and beautiful city, and I really enjoyed exploring it with the amazing people I met at VACorps. I learned to test my limits and to adapt to many different situations. I will never forget my time here! Thank you VACorps!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An internship and city I will cherish forever

Cape Town is such a wonderful, vibrant city and will welcome you with open arms. If you are looking for somewhere to do an internship that gives you that home away from home feeling, I can't recommend this city enough! The VACorps weekly cultural events were so informative, fun, and gave you the opportunity to experience local music, dance, food, drinks, and much more. Additionally, the weekly excursions offered by VACorps give you the opportunity to get outside the city to explore and try activities with all the other interns.

I have been able to meet so many new people from around the world through this community and was set up with an incredible internship site. My time at a public health research project was an invaluable learning experience! Furthermore, I was able to make such meaningful connections with the team members working at the office and the community health clinics; and I am very much looking forward to staying in touch with everyone at my host site. My placement site made me feel as though my time there was valued and very much appreciated. My internship in Cape Town is something that I will fondly remember forever!

107 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

6 months in Cape Town was one of the best experiences of my life!

The reason I chose Cape Town for my internship abroad is that I fell in love with the city when I first came here with my family when I was 13. Since then I knew that I wanted to experience life in Cape Town. Now it has been 6 months since I come here and I can say that it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I met some amazing people within the program from all around the world and we explored the city together. I even bungee jumped which I would never previously have thought of doing before traveling here! It was one of the highlights of my time here, being able to overcome the fear was a very liberating experience.

I learned so much and had a lot of fun during my experience. I was able to know myself more and it is truly a great feeling to be able to call Cape Town my home. I believe I'll miss the everyday life at the Observatory the most. Also, Kholi and Kuselwa were like sisters to me here-- they were amazing, especially in organizing the weekly activities and teaching us their culture in South Africa. I would like to thank the VACorps team for simply being the best! I would definitely recommend the program to everyone.

105 people found this review helpful.

Questions & Answers

Hi Erin, Thanks for the great question! South Africa is home to one of the largest commercial film industries in the Southern Hemisphere and we place VACorps program participants at a variety of different film production companies that operate in Cape Town. We accept gap year students (min age 18) so don't worry if you don't have any prior industry experience. All that is required is enthusiasm...