Maybe a truly lifechanging travel

Impact: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

I had the privilege of volunteering with the project for 3 weeks in September 2021. The first impression I had and which was confirmed were the incredibly kind people. Not only do they all share the same passion for nature, it is almost impossible to find someone at the camp with whom you cannot have open-minded and wide-ranging conversations.
I can't remember meeting such a diverse yet collaborative group before.
The work with the turtles is physically demanding especially due to the lack of sleep and the rather not so good food, but for those who have an average fitness, a little stamina and belief in the mission, the wonderful and unique experiences of this trip should definitely outweigh it.
One has the privilege of working up close with nesting turtles and hatchlings while contributing to their conservation. On the one hand, by collecting data that will be used for scientific research. on the other hand, by minimizing human impact. It is important to keep hunters in mind, but in my opinion it is very unlikely to encounter them, not to mention to be confronted with them. In addition, the project attaches great importance to the safety of volunteers and staff, which further minimizes unnecessary risks.

So every night patrol was a new adventure, and the great people, well after a few days i would have called a lot of them my friends, made it a even better experience every time.
The volunteers are actually quite important in the project, which without the additional motivated staff would probably have big problems to survive permanently.
So you can look forward to being introduced very quickly to almost all the work and quickly being given more responsibility.

In summary, I can only recommend this opportunity to anyone who can imagine investing a little time and energy.
You will come out of this challenge with a broader understanding and mindset for people, nature and maybe even yourself.

And dont worry if your English isn't perfect, as long as you understand most of it and can express yourself, no one cares about awkward words or grammar.

what are you waiting for?
The world is open to you and maybe this is the first step through the door.

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