Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I truly don’t know where to start in talking about Centro MundoLengua and the truly life-changing experiences I have had with them in Spain. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God directed me to these specific people, this program, and this place—Seville. I first went to Seville in 2020 as an independent student on a gap year, and through Centro MundoLengua I was able to take classes with a college study-abroad group that was there for a semester in Seville. All the classes were taught in Spanish, which is exactly what I wanted/needed to achieve my goal of leaving with fluency. Centro MundoLengua also allowed me to participate in all of the extracurricular activities that the college students had, such as flamenco shows, tapas dinners, bike rides around the city, and even a trip to Morocco, which was such a neat experience! I took private Spanish conversation/grammar lessons as well, and Emi, the teacher, was so friendly, so helpful, and tailored to each class specifically to my current questions or needs, even if that was simply spending an hour talking about life in Spanish! The classes with the college students were taught by Auxi and Antonio, both of whom have become valued friends of mine, and I learned so much about the culture and history of Seville and Spain at large through them. Antonio’s classes walking around the city were so refreshing and he brings the content to life in a way that is truly enjoyable and memorable. Auxi’s bright smile, attentive spirit, and broad knowledge makes every class lovely and productive. My couple months in Spain in 2020 were truly transformative for me and filled me with a new confidence, new capabilities, broadened perspective, and rich inspiration for life, the Spanish language, travel, and meaningful relationships. Centro MundoLengua organized a home-stay for me with a host-family, and this was probably the very biggest blessing of all from the trip. My host family was incredible. I don’t even have words to accurately describe it. They truly, truly welcomed me into their home and family—a single mother and her two daughters. I kept in close contact with them even after I returned to the US, and in 2021 I came back to Seville to stay with them again, take classes with MundoLengua, as well as studio art and cooking in other local studios. I have a Spanish family now, that I love so much. We FaceTime all the time and we’re planning for them to come to California and stay with my family here! Seville feels like my home-base in Europe now. The city is so culturally rich, not to mention beautiful. If you’re wanting to be surrounded and immersed in the language and history, Seville is the best place in Spain to do it, I would argue. Home of tapas, Flamenco, bullfighting, the river Guadalquivir, and much more, it would be hard to find a more authentically Spanish destination.

I have to take a moment to talk about Yaye, who was the one who organized all the trip details, answered all questions, was constantly available, checking in on me, and overseeing my program both times, in 2020 and in 2021. She has become a dear friend, whose radiant heart and warmth I admire to much. Ughhhh I just love these people and this place so much. Everyone who works at Centro MundoLengua has a heart for service, and they are real. They care about you as a person, and they care about the place they live and the job they are doing. I cannot recommend them enough! David, the founder, who I got the pleasure of knowing, has started such a blessing of a company that I will forever be thankful for. Centro MundoLengua is very unique from other study abroad/immersion programs. Many feel corporate, generic, cold, and formulaic. Like they just pump students in and out on a conveyer belt. Centro MundoLengua is the exact opposite of that. It is so personable, so tailored to your specific needs/desires, and you will leave your experience feeling like part of their family. I 100% plan to be back again as soon as I’m able. If you’re unsure about wether or not to go to Spain and which program you should go with, let me tell you... Go! And go with Centro MundoLengua! You will never regret it, you will make memories that last a lifetime, and your heart will be touched by the kindness of those who work there.

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