Absolutely memorable

Growth: 9
Support: 7
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 8

Project Laut & Joma are both fantastic and tons of fun!

I did my courses with Project Laut & Nomads, and I was uber impressed with the customer service and professionalism in the shop and throughout the courses. I was nervous because I heard Nusa Penida had some strong currents, but Joma helped me build confidence and feel good in currents. 
Now I LOVE the drift diving!

The reefs are so healthy here, it is amazing. The mantas are stunning and stay at the island all year, and if you are lucky (like I was) then you might get a chance to see the elusive Mola Mola ;)
I would recommend Project Laut & Joma to anyone who wants to have fun and learn a ton about the ocean!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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