Virtual Global Health Comparative - Ghana

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It has been such a privilege being awarded CFHI and AMSA’s Global Health Scholarship to participate in the Virtual Global Health Comparative. The weekly Director Seminars and Roundtables (and just being amongst some of the world’s global health leaders) were inspiring examples of how I can contribute my academic background and experience in the field. Dr. Charles Nwobu’s mentorship provided such invaluable insight not only into Ghana, but the universal applicability of healthcare challenges to other cultures and populations. And lastly, discussions with fellow interns ultimately gave me hope. It is comforting to know that a growing number of the incoming generation of global health professionals and medical practitioners are equipped with the cultural competence and intersectional understanding necessary to tackle the world’s numerous crises. I have always wanted to work with CFHI due to their admirable sustainable model and infrastructure, and I look forward to participating in programs in the future!

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