Incredible Trip!

Growth: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Safety: 9

My trip with Travel For Teens in July of 2021 was, by far, the most important trip of my life. The two-week trip to Greece (‘Athens and the Islands’) was my first international experience. At the outset of the trip, I was overwhelmed and unsure of what to expect. It was the moment I met my counselors and fellow travelers that I felt not only relaxed, but excited! The energy of the entire TFT team was so positive, dedicated and truly made the trip the success that it was. Beyond the impressive organization of the trip’s schedule, the friendships I made on my trip are ones I hope to have forever. Through the intimate nature of travelling with others, friendship with fellow travelers comes naturally and effortlessly. Months later, I still keep in touch with the friends I made on this trip - and we plan to visit each other in the future! During my time in Greece, I was exposed to Greek first-hand through talking with locals. I tried delicious cuisine exclusive to Greece. I roamed the peacefully quiet streets of the island towns - and the ones bustling with life, sounds and people in the expansive city of Athens. Furthermore, I learned more about Greek culture, history and lifestyle during my trip than I ever have from any textbook. Above all, the natural scenery (specifically the sea) was the most breathtaking and memorable aspect of the trip. Greece's natural beauty - in the language, food, history, culture, lifestyle, and geography are truly beautiful in every regard. Greece has so much to offer, and this trip is an ideal way to experience it all!

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