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Dec 19, 2023
Nov 24, 2023
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Step into a postcard as you explore the best of Greece with Travel For Teens! Greece is home to stunning beaches, whitewashed homes, charming towns, and centuries of rich history. Get lost in the ancient ruins of Athens, and marvel at the incredible views of the world-renowned Greek Islands!

On our summertime adventure through some of Greece’s most popular destinations, we'll scuba dive and snorkel through crystal waters, relax in an island paradise, eat like Gods, and explore the ancient culture that is at the heart of Western Civilization. The Greek culture is brought to life through activities like an afternoon cooking lesson, walks through historical villages, and plenty of opportunities to interact with the hospitable Greek locals who are so passionate about their beloved country.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Europe for older teens- Greece Island Hopping

Going to Greece has always been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. This trip is filled with rich history and culture, amazing food and hotels. While on this trip I got to experience an authentic greek cooking class, scuba diving in Santorini and many other wonderful experiences while making lifelong memories and friendships. Going with travel for teens I got to experience things i never would've know about if I was to go on my own. I would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to learn about the history of Greece or living out their Mamma Mia dreams. I will be forever grateful to TFT for providing this experience for me and other teens.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Greece - Athens and the Islands

I absolutely loved traveling with Travel for Teens for the Greece - Athens and the Islands trip. As a high school student who loves traveling and has always wanted to go to Greece, this trip did not disappoint! From Athens to Paros, to Santorini, I saw everything I could've ever wanted to see in Greece. I definitely recommend TFT because their safety and experiences are incredible! I went on this trip as a solo traveler, which was nerve-wracking, but TFT made it so easy to meet new people and overall have the best time!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An experience that shaped me forever!

I attended the Greece and Athens trip last July. I had my doubts, I was nervous because of my young age (14 at the time) and still being in the pandemic is never a guarantee especially with travel. But I was pleasantly surprised with how well TFT had planned this trip. I was met by one of my counselors at the airport and was helped navigate the airport all the way to Athens airport and through customs. We then met the rest of our group and counselors. I was nervous I wouldn't make too many friends as I went by myself and wasn't sure if people already knew each other and if some were going together but throughout the trip I met lifelong friends that to this day I still talk to, and plan to travel again together next summer and so on. My counselors were outstanding and cared for each one of us. They really added a fun element to the trip as they made sure we were safe and stayed out of trouble but as we gained their trust got to have more privileges such as staying out later, going off on your own with friends, and my personal favorite... going to the city every night just for gelato and pastries! We stayed in beautiful hotels that overlooked the most incredible views to wherever we stayed. We ate in upscale restaurants for dinner, and had filling breakfasts in the morning. Lunches we got to find on our own, but sometimes our whole group would eat together, and our counselors always helped us. We got to feel like tourists and locals as one of our counselors was actually from Greece! We took delicious Greek cooking lessons, had a relaxing but at times rowdy boat day traveling to islands, and so many fun shopping experiences in each city. This trip allowed me to be independent, responsible, and helped shape who I am today. TFT is an amazing travel group and I will forever be thanking them for my outstanding trip I am so grateful to have experienced. Thank you TFT!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
If I did this all over again I would never say no. I would attend as many things possible, experience everything and talk to everyone. Enjoy your time while it lasts because you will never want it to end.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible Trip!

My trip with Travel For Teens in July of 2021 was, by far, the most important trip of my life. The two-week trip to Greece (‘Athens and the Islands’) was my first international experience. At the outset of the trip, I was overwhelmed and unsure of what to expect. It was the moment I met my counselors and fellow travelers that I felt not only relaxed, but excited! The energy of the entire TFT team was so positive, dedicated and truly made the trip the success that it was. Beyond the impressive organization of the trip’s schedule, the friendships I made on my trip are ones I hope to have forever. Through the intimate nature of travelling with others, friendship with fellow travelers comes naturally and effortlessly. Months later, I still keep in touch with the friends I made on this trip - and we plan to visit each other in the future! During my time in Greece, I was exposed to Greek first-hand through talking with locals. I tried delicious cuisine exclusive to Greece. I roamed the peacefully quiet streets of the island towns - and the ones bustling with life, sounds and people in the expansive city of Athens. Furthermore, I learned more about Greek culture, history and lifestyle during my trip than I ever have from any textbook. Above all, the natural scenery (specifically the sea) was the most breathtaking and memorable aspect of the trip. Greece's natural beauty - in the language, food, history, culture, lifestyle, and geography are truly beautiful in every regard. Greece has so much to offer, and this trip is an ideal way to experience it all!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Even if you know some travelers going in, be open and willing to make friends - you won't regret it! The social aspect of the trip is what makes it so memorable and fun, especially while you're away from your family. All travelers are warm, welcoming and easy to get to know - frienship will come natrually!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Trip Ever!!

My tft greece and italy trip was so much fun. My group and i had so many fun and personal experiences. we did cooking classes, scuba diving and so many other once in a lifetime cultural immersions. we walked through many wonderful market places and swam in many beautiful beaches. i would do the trip again in a heart beat and always talk very highly of this particular tft trip. the hotels in greece were amazing and i was extremely happy with them. the counselors gave us so much room to explore and grow on our trip. i highly recommend this trip to any interested as it will reach every expectation you may have. TFT does an amazing job in any trip that they have on their site but this one has been my overall favorite. i had gone to the paris and barcelona trip and i loved that trip as well.

What would you improve about this program?
Overall i was extremely happy with the trip my only negative review of the trip was the housing situations in italy. the hotels in greece were more than amazing but the hotels in italy were a little less than i had hoped for.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I had so much fun!

This past summer, I went to Greece with Travel For Teens and I had a blast!! The campers were so nice, the staff were awesome, and we did and saw the most amazing things! We spent an entire day sailing on the water in a beautiful sail boat, stopping at different places and jumping off into the crystal clear water. We went to a couple museums, we walked up to the Parthenon. We also had a lot of free time to go shopping for souvenirs. We went to the beach like, all the time (I got super tan), we took a cooking class and had delicious and authentic Greek food. There was an optional excursion to go scuba diving, which was by far my favorite thing we did on the trip. I HIGHLY reccomend this trip to anyone, even if you’ve already been to Greece!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Greece Island Hopping For Older Teens

As I entered my summer after graduating high school and before starting college, I wanted to do something that created lifelong memories and allowed me to explore a new part of the world I’d never been to; TFT’s Greece Island Hopping for Older Teens did just that. I was thankful that TFT offered a program specifically for kids finishing 11th and 12th grade, because I wanted to be surrounded by other people my age, with similar experiences and interests as me. This program was the perfect way for me to explore the gorgeous beaches of Paros and Naxos, and also immerse myself in the greek culture through sampling different foods, and speaking with locals. Greece has so many unique and historical sights to offer, and this trip gave me the chance to see it all; the famous Acropolis in Athens, the postcard-like blue domed buildings of Santorini, the ancient grecian island Delos, and more. I could not have asked for a better trip to send me off into the new chapter of my life!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best trip ever!!

This trip to Greece was my first time traveling with TFT and easily one of the best experiences of my entire life. I learned so much more about myself, traveling, and other cultures over those two weeks than I ever expected to. I did not know anyone on my trip before meeting up at the airport and ended the trip with best friends that I continue to talk to every single day (over three years later), and that I even coordinated TFT trips with the following summer. I got to try tons of new foods, go SCUBA diving for the first time, and explore ancient Greek history in person. This trip gave me the confidence and desire to travel more and take every opportunity given to me. I hold so many special memories from this trip and could not recommend TFT and Greece more!

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