An experience that shaped me forever!

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I attended the Greece and Athens trip last July. I had my doubts, I was nervous because of my young age (14 at the time) and still being in the pandemic is never a guarantee especially with travel. But I was pleasantly surprised with how well TFT had planned this trip. I was met by one of my counselors at the airport and was helped navigate the airport all the way to Athens airport and through customs. We then met the rest of our group and counselors. I was nervous I wouldn't make too many friends as I went by myself and wasn't sure if people already knew each other and if some were going together but throughout the trip I met lifelong friends that to this day I still talk to, and plan to travel again together next summer and so on. My counselors were outstanding and cared for each one of us. They really added a fun element to the trip as they made sure we were safe and stayed out of trouble but as we gained their trust got to have more privileges such as staying out later, going off on your own with friends, and my personal favorite... going to the city every night just for gelato and pastries! We stayed in beautiful hotels that overlooked the most incredible views to wherever we stayed. We ate in upscale restaurants for dinner, and had filling breakfasts in the morning. Lunches we got to find on our own, but sometimes our whole group would eat together, and our counselors always helped us. We got to feel like tourists and locals as one of our counselors was actually from Greece! We took delicious Greek cooking lessons, had a relaxing but at times rowdy boat day traveling to islands, and so many fun shopping experiences in each city. This trip allowed me to be independent, responsible, and helped shape who I am today. TFT is an amazing travel group and I will forever be thanking them for my outstanding trip I am so grateful to have experienced. Thank you TFT!

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