Wonderful support in Beijing

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I had been working in Beijing for a year or so and then the pandemic struck! I had to head home to U.K. and felt devastated my journey had came to and end. I started researching for companies who could help get me back there once the border opened and I came across The Fewer Things, it was so refreshing to hear their thoughts on going back to China and I appreciated their honesty when telling me how difficult this would be, but how it was possible with some determination.

I had originally planned to go back in September 2020, but the process got delayed due to myself getting Covid and having to push it back. It was great to have the support through this and they never gave up and gave me many options on what I could do next, but ultimately my heart was set on China, and then after months of waiting I finally made it back earlier this year! I am so grateful for school, local teachers and the new friends I have made here so far. It really could not have been possible without TFT's knowledge and determination.

I plan to move to Shanghai in the New Year which TFT are also supporting me with!

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