Irish Gap Year Arts and Culture Program

Housing: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

Irish Gap Year Arts and Culture program 2021 baby…… I’ve got one thing to say and one thing only….. this program rocks! I came onto this program with no prior knowledge of visual art, a meek little scallywag stumbling about in the artful darkness!!! However, with the help of our lovely tutors (ie: Ken, Micheal, Lani, Richie, Rossa, Paschal, and Edwin my personal favorite), I emerged from the countryside a creative little cephalopod, eager to create and more thoroughly explore the different mediums we had created with! The leaders (Phil and Kate in particular) were supportive and eager to help whenever possible, my peers were friendly and such little dumpling darlings, and don’t even get me started on the surroundings! BEAUTIFUL!!!

I came into this program a shy little hedgehog boy…. A meager squirrel lad…. But even within the first week of the program I began to notice a welcome change! I was no longer a meager squirrel lad not a shy little hedgehog boy…. I, in fact, had become quite the sociable fellow! Irish Gap Year has definitely helped and encouraged me to grow as a person, and I feel much more confident in my abilities to navigate different scenarios now.

Do this program. I’m telling you to. And if I’m telling you to it means you have to. Now close out of this review, go onto the IGY art program website, and send yourself or your child to ireland RIGHT now….

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