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Fall Spring
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Program fees include food, all travel within Ireland, artistic tutoring and workshops, accommodation and the full support of the Irish Gap Year team.

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The Irish Arts and Culture Program is for students interested in a broad-exposure art program in Europe with tangible takeaways. This is a low-stress program designed to facilitate self-exploration using the arts as a vehicle for this journey.

Many of our past students have enjoyed taking part in a community-based program. This means that you will have your own home, neighbors and really get the chance to be part of our town. It also means that you will develop independence in an environment that resembles college life.
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Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Equipment Meals
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Jan 19, 2022
May 18, 2022
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About Program

The Irish Arts & Culture Program gives you an opportunity to explore and cultivate your creative side, travel throughout Ireland, build independence and develop an appreciation of Irish arts and culture.

You'll work with local artists enjoying daily workshops in photography, creative writing, film, charcoal drawing, painting and more. You’ll explore the rich tapestry of Ireland’s cultural and artistic heritage while traveling to some of the country’s most unique and celebrated locations. This program is all about exploring and developing your creative side and no prior artistic experience is needed – Only enthusiasm!

Most importantly you will build your independence, learning to live and work with your peers, manage a household and to cultivate your creative side in a supportive environment. You’ll delve into Ireland’s cultural heritage and modern art scene, immerse yourself in our community, explore the arts, develop a self-designed portfolio and have the time of your life.

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Program Highlights

  • Local Living - It's All About Community: Experience life as locals do from your Victorian home in the heart of Bundoran, Co. Donegal. Your 8 bedroom, traditional Victorian home is cosy, funky and has incredible views of the Atlantic.
  • Artistic Exploration and Workshop: Self-Designed, Unique and Tangible. Explore your areas of artistic interest from photography to found art/upcycling to music and performance to creative writing in our workshops.
  • Expeditions Around Ireland: You’ll get to explore the best of Ireland on our seven big expeditions (3-5 days each), each with a different cultural and artistic focus.

Program Reviews

9.54 Rating
based on 54 reviews
  • 9-10 rating 96.3%
  • 7-8 rating 3.7%
  • 5-6 rating 0%
  • 3-4 rating 0%
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  • Housing 8.4
  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 9.6
  • Value 9.4
  • Safety 9.7
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish Gap Year

coming to ireland was a truly amazing experience. i loved being able to meet so many new people and the culture here is really amazing. the program helps you interact with your new surroundings well and offers an extensive art program that teaches you many new things. being able to travel around ireland was amazing and i really valued that opportunity we had. the housing was alright, a little far from town but it wasn’t to bad. i wish we had more opportunities on the weekends to do stuff outside of the town.

  • culture
  • history
  • art
  • food
  • sudden notices
  • wifi
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish Gap Year (Arts and Culture)

Good balance of workshops and travel, the only major issue was that the latter always seemed to be interrupting the former a bit. Workshop instructors were wonderful local artists who were very insightful and a joy to be taught by. I really felt like they helped me grow as an artist a great deal throughout the program. Group leaders were great as well, and were generally easy to talk to. Students were given a generous amount of free time to explore, both in Bundoran and in the places we visited, which was nice. There were still plenty of organized tours and events, which were absolutely fascinating, I just appreciate that they were appropriately balanced with time to explore locations ourselves, because if they hadn’t been it would’ve been kind of stifling. The exhibition at the end provided a really good end goal to work towards, and ended up being really fun on it’s on merits.

  • Insightful instructors
  • Exploring several different cities and towns.
  • The exhibition
  • The Wi-Fi where we were staying had a lot of issues, especially towards the beginning of the program, and eventually had to be replaced. I don’t have cell service in Ireland so without Wi-Fi I can’t call, text, or access things like my banking info.
  • There wasn’t enough time between some of the trips. Two of them were only two days apart and it got a tad bit overwhelming.
  • I guess I had I higher resting body temperature than most of the rest of my housemates or something, because I was basically cooking in my bed every night even without any blankets. Maybe ask about preferred temp on future roommate questionnaires?
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish Gap Year

It’s a lot of fun to be in. The staff were really nice to work with. I learned a lot of art skills. The instructors were great. Ireland is a beautiful place to travel in and all together the trips were well planned. We went to Dublin and toured the Guinness factory as well as a historically important prison. We went to Belfast and got a street art tour as well as a black taxi tour. We went to Galway and go to learn about local history and see to the Aran islands. We went to Doolin and saw the cliffs of Moher.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish Gap Year Experience

Irish Gap Year was a great experience for me. Ireland's scenery is breathtaking in all types of weather and the staff are very friendly. The program is well made with trips to most of the major spots in the country and some of the smaller places for fun activities. The programs good for people of all experiences with art, tutors are friendly and experienced. Well balanced program between giving students freedom and being strict. Sometimes staff are a little dramatic. The main setting for the program is perfect for getting students used to living on their own, letting students walk into town and, for the most part, take care of their own living quarters.
(Phil's a legend)
Highly recomend Irelands grass for its softness, perfect for naps or picnics on good days by the cliff walk. Also recomend bringing electronics and leaving plenty of space on your phone for downloading and photos.

  • Great way to make new friends
  • Irish grass
  • Needs a variety of food options
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Yes, I recommend this program

The craic was 90

Accommodations: Stayed in Portbeg Holiday Homes with half in one house and half in the other. Very clean, housekeeping comes once a week. We had a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer. We have the option of having our laundry done for us.

Food: Five days a week dinner is made for us, the quality is acceptable. Groceries are bought for us.

Staff: A nice, supportive group of people. Very helpful and available when we need them.

Trips: Got to see Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Doolin, Derry, and Dingle. Good balance between planned activities and free time to explore. Stayed in upscale hostels.

Workshops: Art workshops were lots of fun, our instructors were very nice and helpful. Tried plenty of new mediums, though I wish we had been given more Focus Workshops to work on what we wanted in preparation for our expo.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience

Doing this program was a very last minute decision for me, but I am so glad that I decided to come to Ireland! We explored so many different counties within Ireland and to be able to live in Bundoran was an amazing experience. Bundoran is a quaint town and we live within walking distance from downtown which is really nice. I got along great with my housemates, the rest of the arts group, and also the adventure group. I was a bit worried about doing an arts program having never really done art before, but with the help of the tutors I learned to create art that I was really proud of!

  • Housing & accommodations were great. I was also able to request a single room and they provided that for me.
  • The staff were all so welcoming and kind,
  • The tutors were very kind and so helpful
  • I wish there were more planned activities with both the arts group and the adventure group
  • Sometimes there wasn’t enough down-time in between trips
  • There were certain places that I wish we spent more time in (Moville!)
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Yes, I recommend this program

What an Amazing Program

This program was such an amazing experience. I learned so much here not only about artistic practices but also about myself. The art tutors were all super great and could help you whether you were a new artist or had practiced for years. Not only is the art side amazing but there are so many trips and cultural experiences while your over here. We got to travel all over the country and see so many amazing cities. The staff are all so friendly and are willing to help with any problems you may be having. This program really gives you a lot of freedom to explore on your own. Sundays gave us time to explore Bundoran, or nearby towns on our own but also have a relaxing recharging day if you need it. Also its so cool to see everyones work together in the final expo, you feel so accomplished after. This is a truly amazing program and I would strongly recommend.

  • The art workshops were amazing and the programs tutors are all super helpful, kind, and supportive
  • Bundoran is a gorgeous town and an amazing place to call home over the past 3 months. The walk into town can be a bit long but the beautiful scenery definitely makes up for that.
  • The program gives you so many opportunities. In addition to art workshops we got to surf, cliff jump, hike, tour museums, and so much more.
  • The first few weeks the wifi wasn't great. Though when we brought this to the attention of the staff they worked hard to fix the problem.
  • The dryers in the house take a long time and don't work super well but as long as you lay your stuff out in the hot room it dries after a few hours.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Irish gap year

Made great friends and memories and explored Ireland

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