The best summer of my life

Academics: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 9

I couldn't have chosen a better program than Chengdu, China. I truly had the most rewarding experience. Not only did I get to accomplish my goals to learn Mandarin and experience Chinese culture firsthand, but I also got to see giant pandas (my favorite animal), create lifelong friendships, and grow tremendously as an individual.

The campus is located in the center of the city where public transportation is easily accessible. There are lots of options nearby to dine out or grab a snack. If you want to go somewhere, you can hop on the metro and be on your way in minutes. Trust me, you'll be on the metro every day exploring the amazing things Chengdu has to offer like the panda research base, corgi cafes, shopping districts, etc. I cannot wait to go back in the future!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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