great experience

Housing: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 3

My experience with dynamy so far has been useful to say the least. I’d like to go over each aspect of the program, starting with the 10- day adventure challenge we participated in. We spent the first 3 days doing teambuilding games to get to know each other, and spending those nights in cabins. After the first 2 days were up we headed out to a nearby campsite, where we slept in tents for the next 6 days, while having daily activities such as hiking or canoeing, and playing card games in between. Keep in mind that we weren’t allowed to have any technology during the challenge, so we had to actually get to know each other face to face. After we finished the adventure challenge, we moved into our apartments, where we lived with 5 other people, and shared all our spaces. We each had a roommate who we shared a room with, which for some people was a completely new experience. Every internship at the program was chosen individually for the student, and therefore helped everyone gain experience in their desired field of work. Overall a very good experience that I’d recommend to anyone looking for job experience.

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Yes, I would
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