Volunteer to Teach English & Study German

Impact: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 8
Safety: 10

The Excellence Center in Europe is quite a unique place and it doesn’t really do it justice or even fit in terms of calling it a language school. It’s actually a cultural center where Arabic speaking students from a diverse number of countries including but not limited to Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and others come to learn English and teach the Arabic language to individuals from all over the world coming to the center. I studied German and taught English there for two months in the fall of 2021. My German classes were either private classes or with just one other student, focused on real world speaking skills, conducted both at the center and outside in town. My teacher was superb. The town of Halle is also a huge factor in making the overall experience here truly outstanding. Halle is a small city, but culturally rich, and drenched with the feel of both the old East Germany and pre World War 2 Germany. In addition, the city of Leipzig is only 45 minutes away by train and offers many of the amenities of much bigger cities such as Berlin, but without the hassles and downsides of huge cities.

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