Moving to Shanghai!

Benefits: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Facilities: 2
Safety: 5

I would highly recommend The Fewer Things to anybody who is looking to move to China to teach English. From the initial stages of applying The Fewer things has been nothing but supportive and knowledgeable on the process. Moving to Shanghai in the middle of a pandemic was not easy, there were many hurdles but the process was made less daunting with the help of The Fewer Things as they were always there to answer questions and guide you every step of the way.

After arriving in China The Fewer things has continued to be supportive and helpful. They check in regularly to make sure everything is going well and make sure you are adjusting to your new life. The Fewer Things has been helpful in all aspects of life here in China, from giving you advise and tips on teaching to recommending restaurants and bars! The language barrier can be difficult at times when communicating with your employers in Shanghai but The Fewer Things is always there to help. Whenever I've needed some guidance or help with anything The Fewer Things has alway been quick to help. The Fewer Things has made the transition into teaching and moving abroad very smooth!

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Yes, I would
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