Thanks for the lekker time in South Africa!

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Interning in Cape Town for 2 months was the best decision of my life and I wished that I could extend my stay longer! After graduating from university with a BA Hons in Social Work I wanted the opportunity to travel whilst gaining more experience within another field that aligned with my social work values and skill set. VACorps placed me at a site where I was able to intern as an Occupational Therapist Assistant Manager. During this time I was able to build upon my managerial, professional, and personal development. This was achieved by working with a range of adults with learning disabilities and facilitating sessions, whilst maintaining a person-centered approach.

Traveling to South Africa alone seemed so daunting at first but I quickly become settled and am grateful for the easy transition when arriving. I cannot thank the program enough for the amount of support and guidance they have provided throughout my whole stay, they have been so accommodating and welcoming. By providing weekly activities, gave opportunities for the other interns to bond and make lifelong friends but also get to know the team on a personable level.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in South Africa and challenged myself to try things outside of my comfort zone including hiking, bungee jumping from the largest bridge, zip-lining, walking with elephants, and hosting our first South African "braai"!

I am so thankful for the memories made and those I was able to share them with. I would highly recommend VACorps to anyone who wants to work abroad with the support of a wonderful team behind them.

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