Marine conservation volunteering program in Belize

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Volunteering with Reef CI in Belize is truly a magical experience. Everyone on the program, both volunteers and staff members, make it feel like home. The scuba dive certification programs are perfectly designed to make you feel comfortable while learning how to responsibly carry out this activity and be the help that is needed to protect the barrier reef. It was so interesting to learn about the importance of removing invasive species like the lion fish, a species that has no natural predator and is wreaking the coral reefs in the Caribbean and Golf of Mexico. Learning about the importance of joining the fight against lion fish was eyeopening. For us at the Reef CI base lion fish were the bulk of our diet. Additionally, we cut and dried their fins and venomous spines to make jewelry and provide an additional income to locals in affected areas. The accommodation provided in the island was very comfortable and the food was amazing!!!
If you are looking to get disconnected from the world while helping an incredible cause, the volunteering program is Belize is for you.

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Volunteering is an amazing opportunity to create consciousness and a community of like minded people.
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