An experience with TFT I will always remember!

Growth: 7
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 7
Safety: 10

One word: magic. I will never forget my summer with TFT. Seeing parts of America I would never normally see or experience, spending days in some of the country’s most beautiful natural settings and coolest towns, with fun people. Just a great opportunity to explore our country and a different, more adventurous, kind of summer fun. We visited Utah and Colorado, two places I had been before, but not in the TFT way – hiking and climbing the State and National Parks, river walks, camping, the trip took me far beyond the ski mountains and funky towns I knew. Traveling across the country with amazing people, seeing new places, and trying new things is something you may not fully appreciate until the moment you’re there, but when that perfect day with great people in an I can’t believe I’m here place happens, it’s so memorable, My group was nice, genuine, and down to earth, people I liked sharing my days with and miss once our trip ended. Everyone was closest to one or two people but always traveled and explored as a big group, the dynamic became a group of friends experiencing new places together and making sure no one was left out. They’ve become great friends to me, sharing group chats and FaceTimes, secret Santa, talking about college together, and finding ways to see each other and stay connected across different hometowns, classes, and schedules. I have made lifelong friends, memories, and connections with these people. Lounging in the sun on an Idaho riverbank of smooth stones, finding the best tacos in a cool Montana college town, holding hands to jump across the Continental Divide together, whitewater rafting to the roar of rapids and the laughter of friends, I have hundreds of memories I’ll hold on to. Through TFT I have met some of my favorite people, made some deeply important and warm friendships, and came away loving how beautiful, diverse, and fascinating this country is. All while feeling safe and cared for and in smart, knowledgeable hands. I can’t think of a better summer or a gift from my family that I value more.

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