Teach English and Learn German Programme

Impact: 9
Support: 8
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I am Chaima, I came from the UK to teach English and learn German here in Halle, Germany. My aim when applying for this was to acquire more experience in teaching English abroad and attempting to improve my German by being in Germany and attending one-to-one lessons with a teacher. I was also very intrigued by Rafat’s approach in combining a language and community-led project both in Halle, Germany and in Hebron, Palestine.

Coming to the centre everyday was pleasure. Every morning, we would gather for with all the volunteers and have a typical Palestinian breakfast. I have really appreciated this welcoming tradition that set us well for our day. We would then all attend our respectful tasks of the day.

My experience in Halle has been diverse and culturally rich. I have enjoyed teaching different students from different backgrounds and discussing teaching methods and styles with the teachers and volunteers in the centre. The city of Halle is rich of its people, native of this city, and those who have moved and settled here. During my short time, I have been able to meet people from different countries in the Middle-East, each of them have a story and bring a stone to the edifice that is this place.

I have also had the privilege of observing the way the excellence centre operates. I have come to really admire the space that is given to the community here. The centre provides a safe place for students of all ages to get the help needed after school with teachers or/and other students of higher grades. This place builds a bridge between the newly settled communities and the school system. This truly can build their confidence and help them overcome any language barrier hindering them from excelling in their education.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my weeks here in Halle and come out grown from this experience.

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