Go abroad!

Academics: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 4
Safety: 9

The university of Sussex is located in a national park surrounded by beautiful nature. Uni-managed accommodations are mostly on campus, some are in Brighton. Since only first year students and exchange students are allowed to live in these accommodations, everyone is quite young. Some accommodations are modern, others (like mine) are quite old and therefore not very nice. But you can check them out on sussex’ website and give a prioritization in your application.
The professors and students are very open-minded and diverse. Professors and staff are always happy to help with any questions. Lectures and exercises are very well structured and there is a range of extra tutorials to practice. Besides studying, there is a huge range of societies and activities. You’ll probably find any sport you can imagine and there are also 2 gyms on campus. If you’re interested in learning a new language, I recommend the language café, where you can practice a language (or even teach as a volunteer like I did) and meet new people.
Brighton is a beautiful city right at the sea with a lot of cute cafés, restaurant and shops. From campus you get there by bus in 30 min. London is only a 1H train ride away, so perfect for a weekend trip (or even day trip). Also, in the surroundings there are a lot of places to visit such as the seven sisters, Arundel castle, the little town Lewes etc.
To conclude, this semester abroad was a great opportunity to get to know a new country (and experience how it is to live there), new people, improve my language skills, visit new places and to grow. Sussex is a great university where professors actually care about what students think. I would always do it again.

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