Seeing India in a Fresh Light

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Studying with IFSA in Pune, India, was an experience of a lifetime. I chose this program because my college mentor had recommended it to me when I struggling to find a program in India that fit my needs. Pune isn't always the first city people think of when they think of India, but it's definitely the best place to study abroad. The city itself is easy to travel around but is packed with enough places to visit that you'll never be out of things to do. There's a huge local student population so there's plenty of chances to make new friends.
The program staff in Pune were amazing, all of my program mates and I became very close to them especially our program director. Uttaraa was extremely attentive to our needs and if we had any questions about volunteering or tutoring she was always on top of it to find us the best options. Not to mention, the classes were steeped in a level of academic rigor that was similar to my home university, which I really appreciated. I genuinely felt like I was learning new and nuanced facts about India that really informed my view of the country as a whole as well as enhancing my view of the world overall.
My homestay experience was also amazing, I was housed with 2 other students in an easily accessible location and a more than welcoming host. Our host treated us like family and even bought 2 of us cakes on our birthdays and celebrated with us. She provided us tea before we would leave for school (IFSA program site provided breakfast, lunch was up to us) and amazing dinners in the evening. She would make something new everyday and it was yet another way for us to learn about Indian culture through our everyday interactions.
Continually, I grew really close to my friends in the program and since it was a small program, it made it easier for us to go out and experience this city together. We were all lucky to have gotten so close and we cherished our time together, but that would not have been possible without IFSA and the amazing resident staff.
I think IFSA really cares to make every part of your study abroad experience meaningful and tailored to your needs. There's not a detail that's overlooked and spending time in the vibrant cultural hub that is India is something I'll never forget! If you're looking for a program that is supportive and really challenges you to learn about the world around you, look no further. This is the program for you!

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