JCU Study Abroad

Academics: 5
Support: 8
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Studying abroad at JCU was the most wonderful and life-changing experiences, and I am beyond grateful for every moment that I was able to spend studying there. As an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major, JCU couldn’t be more perfect. The location of Townsville (on the Great Barrier Reef) makes classes such as Coral Reef Ecology possible, and I was able to attend field trips to reefs including those at Orpheus Island and understand the importance of reef preservation on a very first-hand level. James Cook also offers Biodiversity of Tropical Australia, which gave me the opportunity to learn about and see new systems that I might never get the opportunity to otherwise. JCU also provides so many club and internship opportunities- there is definitely something for everyone. The school also does a brilliant job of integrating and including the international students. They had an International day weekly where people would come to share parts of their culture and there was usually coffee and delicious food as well.I was also able to take advantage of the outstanding outdoor and wildlife opportunities in Townsville, as the school is within miles of the beach and several national parks. Its very hard to describe just how amazing the experience was in words, but If you are considering studying abroad at JCU, I say take the leap- I am forever grateful that I did.

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