Once in a lifetime experience

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I spent one week volunteering at the Agape Mitaboni Academy in Mitaboni, Machakos County outside of Nairobi. I could not say enough about how well put together the program and entire school is run. Barnabas was my volunteer coordinator who took absolute care of me from start to finish. Between airport pickups, getting to the Agape Academy, and hosting me at his house in Machakos which was conveniently located right down the road.

As for the actual volunteer work, it was simply amazing to meet everyone at the school. The Headmaster Ben is a very impactful leader who runs a very good program at the school. The teachers are extremely professional and I was beyond impressed by how well the students were. Every time you walked into a classroom they would stand up and wait for you to have them sit. That's just the start.

I happened to volunteer at the end of Agape's school year. I helped with grading exams, teaching English lessons, and speaking about the school system in America. I also had the opportunity with some more hands-on work, including helping to feed the students and also help with renovations in some of the classrooms. Everyone at the school made sure I had something to do every day and it was an extremely good mix to keep things interesting but also to learn as much as possible about their way of life.

I would highly recommend that anyone give this a try. The mutual impact made upon the students and myself is priceless. Please reach out to me at josh.yearian@gmail.com if anyone is interested in learning more. I am more than happy to talk about my experience and what you can expect. I will keep this experience with me forever.

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