I can recommend this programme

Content: 9
Engagement: 9
Support: 10
Platform: 8
Value: 9

I decided to become a certified EFL teacher with The TEFL Academy and I had a really good experience throughout the entire course. When I initially paid for it, there was some glitch in the system which did not allow me to access the platform but the IT staff and consultants replied promptly and helped me resolve my issue.

The programme is well structured and allows you to go through it at your own pace. As I had a lot of time, I was able to dedicate more time to it so I got through it faster. The course additionally involves 3 assignments which have to be assessed by a tutor. Although the programme gave them up to 8 days to mark it, I was pleasantly surprised that mine were handed back after a day or two which significantly motivated me and improved my productivity.

Overall, I think it was a good value for money, even for a teacher like myself who already has EFL experience. I was still able to learn more about teaching methods and approaches in the classroom. I would highly recommend this programme.

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