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Impact: 9
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Value: 9
Safety: 10

I chose this program because I wanted an economical way to travel to Palestine alone as a first-time traveler to this region, and I had the editorial experience for this role. I was only here a month and would suggest future participants plan on two months since it takes about a week to become settled and find your rhythm. Arabic lessons focused on the colloquial Palestinian dialect since my main study in the U.S. had been MSA, though you have the option to study MSA or colloquial dialects as you please. This was useful for me since depending on where you go in Hebron, people may only understand colloquial Arabic, especially in the main market near the Old City. I travelled to Hebron by myself as a woman a month after the borders reopened and can say that the city and Palestine in general is very safe; I often walked alone late at night and never had any problems.

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